Proposals Caribbean

Barbados: Children in the City

Youth, who live and work in the World Heritage site, Bridgetown and its Garrison will share their views on heritage and assess the impact of the World Heritage site designation on youth. Participants will advocate for an improvement in the way that youth as a stakeholder group are engaged by policymakers and how young people can benefit from living and working in the WHS Area. Using social media and free online publication tools such as Facebook, Flickr and Instagram participants will photoblog their discoveries and curate an online exhibition which shares their findings with the community.

Jamaica: Mouthpiece of Jamaica

Recent upsurge in confrontation with civilians and members of the security forces is an indicator of the lack of knowledge of the Rule Of Law and one's responsibility as rights bearers under the Jamaican Constitution. This project aims to build respect for law enforcement through awareness of the Jamaican Constitution, Charter of Rights and other relevant data sources. The project will be implemented under two components:Component 1: Direct contact through a one-day workshop on related topic for 20 persons, Component 2: Micro blog of relation information on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger