Proposals in Central Asia & Caucasus

Armenia: PlaceToSpeak – Voice of Armenian Refugees of Syria

The project is aimed to promote assistance to enforce social activism on a higher level among Syrian- Armenian repatriates and refugees of civil war, living in Armenia. We aim to help Syrian-Armenian refugees and the Armenians who remain in Syria to share the information about their life in new places or the current situation in the regions they have left in Syria through expert coaching and digital tools. We will provide necessary trainings and assistance to those participants who have difficulties with using computer or accessing Internet, blogging and sharing through social media platf

Azerbaijan: Green Voices of Qax

Media workshop empowering youth in Qax region to become agents of change and ambassadors of environmental awareness. Building rural youth’s competencies in using new media enables them to engage in global environmental activism but also advocate for sustainable development more effectively in local contexts – environmental sustainability poses a pressing matter Qax that is home to various minority groups struggling to preserve their culture and traditions. In Green Voices of Qax Project youth have an active role in tackling the urban bias in decision making and bridging the cultural divide

Armenia: Taghinfo (“Tagh” means quarter in Armenian) is an existing hyperlocal news platform for Yerevan districts. The main idea of the project was to cover problems and interesting news outside of the center of Yerevan, to tell stories, which are not interesting for Mass Media, but still important for local community. As well as to train young citizen reporters. Using GV microgrants we would like to pay a special attention to the problems of the young disabled people in the urban area. We would like to train and ask them to join to our team and tell stories, based on their own experience.

Georgia: Blogging Positively – Networking Ethnic Minorities in Georgia

The project aims to give voice to voiceless, in this case to youngsters of ethnic minority groups in Georgia. The one month project implies teaching online media tools to 9 high school students of different ethnicity and as a result creating one shared blog. The workshops will be at weekends. Each session will be about different multimedia tools so that in the end the blog includes video, audio and photo materials as well as texts. The length of the project lets us establish close ties between these students so that they will continue cooperation even after this particular project.

Kazakhstan: Searching for the 100 – Seeing Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's multicultural & multinational citizenry is a legacy of Soviet social engineering activities. Yet, beyond the majority nationalities, i.e., the Kazakhs and Russians (76% of the population), many of these minorities have little public visibility. This project aims to begin documenting the lived experiences of some of these minority populations (e.g., Dungans, Uighurs, and Koreans). We will assemble collections of shared stories which will be both published & documented via video in order to produce a documentary about people's lives amidst social change in post-Soviet Kazakhstan.

Kyrgyzstan: Education for All

The project advocates for educational rights of youth with disabilities by the disabled youth themselves. In general, interests, rights and needs of youth and people with disabilities are advocated by disability organizations. Yet, there are very few self-advocates and youth with disabilities advocating for their own rights. By means of video-making, social media and blogging the youth with disabilities will raise awareness of the educational rights and existing barriers, and create empowerment stories to challenge community’s perception of people with disabilities.

Armenia: 5 “W”s about Women With Disabilities

The aim of the project is to raise the public awareness on challenges of women with disabilities (WWD) and the need for inclusive services by capacity building of Women with disabilities on public journalism and blogging. We are going to involve young WWD from different communities of Armenia and to train them on topics related to citizen journalism and blogging. After they will become correspondents for the first Armenian blog for WWD and will speak up about their rights and needs to be included in community life.

Azerbaijan: Open Resources for Open Society

Our organization is going to launch a website on human rights and civic education targeting rural youth in order to empower and intensify their participation in community life and civil society building. The website will consist of forum for participants, information portal on youth-related issues and events for youth and participants’ blogs. Training of trainers (ToT) on ICT usage and work with the developed website will be organized for project coordinators from 20 regions of Azerbaijan, who will work directly with rural youth and support them in effective use of the website later on.

Kyrgyzstan: Videos about Human Values

The project is handled by a youth volunteer center located in Karakol, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan. It is a series of short videos made by young volunteers about community life in Kyrgyzstan. Each video puts forward a human value and explains why it is important: peace, solidarity, democracy, health, environment. All the videos will be shown to children and teenagers in various places in Kyrgyzstan, like orphanages, schools, kindergartens, and on internet.

Mongolia: Creative Project

CYPPD NGO volunteers and staff will train 20 youths in media and performance. The performance aspect may include drama and/or dance and will be structured around a central narrative. The volunteers and staff will provide workshops and dance/drama lessons to introduce ideas such as storytelling and roles. The media-based focus of the project will be filmmaking: children will be involved in writing, set-design and costume, acting and shooting. The children will produce the films as independently as possible and will be given tools and technical skills training where necessary.