Proposals East Asia

Philippines: Keeping up with #YolandaPH victims

The project is a citizen journalism program that aims to teach and empower Yolanda (Haiyan) victims to continually report on their situation. Five months after the typhoon, the victims are out of media limelight but still in dire need of continuous relief, rehabilitation, livelihood program and the much-needed (and never given) financial aid and compensation for their losses. Local and international aid poured in like torrents but the situation of the people remain as bleak. The project aims to conduct social media trainings and put technology in the hands of the people.

Vietnam: HOPE (Hanoi Operation for Public Education) 2014 Vision

HOPE ( Hanoi Operation for Public Education ) is a volunteer organization founded by a group of students from schools and universities in Hanoi along with a team of professionals graduated from Stanford (USA). With the theme “ Vision” and the focus on Phuc Tue Centre for disabled children in Hanoi, HOPE 2014 wants to contribute to the small happiness of children with developmental delay generally and autism particularly.

Philippines: Urban Poor Participatory Video Production

The project is a participatory video workshop and production to enable the urban poor to tell their own stories and make their own videos. These communities of the urban poor participating in this project are those victimized by demolition, displacement and disaster in the last three years, making more severe the more permanent conditions of joblessness and hunger they suffer. The project aims to (1) teach the urban poor to tell their own stories and make their own videos and (2) publish and share the video and materials produced and lessons derived.

Indonesia: The Fall of Our Local Food Sovereignty

Papuans traditionally consume sago, bananas, and a variety of tuber, all part of their staple food. However, the traditional staple food is threatened by homogenization of food programs or the rice program. People have changed from a variety of food producers to become consumers of rice. As a result, food security is threatened. An effective strategy would be to visualize the erosion of the local food systems in the form of short films. They will also be trained to produce films themselves and to present the results to local officials. The films will also be uploaded in various social media.

Philippines: Climate School Digital Activism Project

It is a media workshop that builds the capacity of schoolteachers in Tacloban in documenting experiences of children after Typhoon Haiyan, the impacts of climate change on them as well as aide the psycho-social therapy of children affected by the disaster, and through this, move the government to actively fight for climate justice. The 2-day workshop will tackle citizen journalism, video-making, photography, blogging, & children's rights in the context of disasters & climate change. The outputs is a microsite & social media accounts where blogs produced by the teachers will be posted & shared.

Indonesia: Student Build the Nation

With this project, we will improve the education level of all children who lived within the student’s boarding house. The method is simple, we invite all of university student who lived in Bandung to invest at least 1 hour per week to play and gather with the children around them. Then we used that occasion to do a lot of activities with them. Of course, our activity here would form the children's good character, increase their academic competence, and improve their familiarity in using internet.

Philippines: Project Wish – Workers’ Images, Safety and Health

The project is a practical workshop that will train 15 worker-reporters, particularly those who are part of labor unions, on how to effectively use social media platforms to promote their advocacy for safe and humane working conditions. This will enrich the basic training on citizen journalism and social media they have completed the past year. The project will also give them sustained guidance, continuous practice and increased capacity to establish their organization’s own social media projects for advancing their specific causes in the future.

Philippines: Changing the World Through Values Education

Values Education is a process by which we can transmit positive values to other people. Positive values begets positive actions and this is what we need to change the world. Changing the World Through Values Education is aimed to train Values Educators in the Philippines. Abraham Lincoln said, “If I have six hours to chop a tree, I would spend the first four hours to sharpen the axe.” Hence, this project will help Values educators to better transform Filipino students and other Filipinos in the community as well by giving them the right tools in teaching.

Thailand: Coming Out to Reclaim Rights and Strengthen Spaces

“Coming Out to Reclaim Rights and Strengthen Spaces” will assist leaders, organisations and networks in providing positive interventions for young people who are questioning their sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), people who are living with HIV (PLHIV); and men who have sex with men (MSM) through a two-day training on the strategic use of information and communication technologies (ICT) including B-Change Foundation’s web-apps BE and PLUS, for organisational support and development.

Indonesia: Noblind

Women Groups at grass root have economic independence through garden & flower care service and agriculture project. But less of knowledge around technology media in order to spread the news about their activities or jobs, and sometimes also hampered by patriarchy culture which stated that this kind of activities only for men. Whereas women have a sense of beauty treatments in park service that will encourage economic income of families So it requires women journalists which can use audio visual technology correctly, distribute news to wider society in order to tell about women struggle