Proposals East Asia

Philippines: Voices of Hop – From Victims to Activism

The project is a citizens’ journalism training for 15 leaders to trumpet the stories of people’s courage and hope from the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, the oil spill and government negligence. This aims to enhance our community radio program in empowering the affected communities of Estancia, Iloilo in rising above and speaking out loud our advocacy for environmental, economic and political justice. The project will amplify our people’s stories of rising up in multi-media forms and will be posted online through face book, You Tube or blogs.

Malaysia: Art is Power Festival

Viva Circus presents ART IS POWER Festival which offers young emerging artists in Malaysia an opportunity to take new arts workshops & create. With the goal to inspire, transform and empower local artists in Malaysia with new skills performance and media arts. For urban and indigenous youth in Malaysia. As part of this two week ART IS POWER Festival is Empowering The Environment, a cutting edge environment awareness program integrating video mapping and, electronic media. Using new media Empowering The Environment will reach a new audience and spotlight social action

China: Stories of Birth – Women Empowerment Through Media

Our project seeks to create an open, honest dialogue in rural communities, as well as national and international communities, about issues surrounding motherhood and child-bearing in rural China. Workshops in filmmaking and interview techniques shall be offered to train young participants in the local community. After the workshops, participants will interview and film their mother at home, producing a series of short films to be shown at screening sessions in local, national and international communities. Discussion about women's issues will be encouraged on a variety of platforms

Cambodia: Indigenous Voice Through Video and Internet

The project will support video and audio production by indigenous peoples in remote northeastern Cambodia. This is so they can document their issues across language barrier (by using dubbing and sub-titling) and upload the video on blogs and websites to reach both national and international audiences. This possible now because a small number of indigenous people have learnt video and audio production, a community advisory group formed, and an indigenous peoples’ media support NGO is being created.

Philippines: Citizen Documentation for Forest Sustainability

This project aims to empower the small farmers organization living near the buffer zone of Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary who are involved in forest conservation by training them on documentations, reporting system and setting of Community Information Center as communications pool regarding protection activities within the sanctuary and outreach strategies to promote environmental conservation in Davao Oriental, Philippines, and develop an online social network to engage their peers around the world to share, learn, and support their campaign in the global community.

Cambodia: Empowering Cloghers Project

The Empowering Cloghers Project will strengthen the online presence and influence of female university students from rural Cambodia by enabling them to become Cambodian bloghers (female bloggers) – known as “cloghers” – and to become active online. This 6 month Project will train participants in setting up and designing successful blogs, writing compelling posts and promoting blogs through social media. The Project will also run a writing competition for the most effective post and set-up a “Clogher Corner” to enable networking and skills-sharing with the existing clogher community.

Indonesia: Grassroot Voice and Traditional Art for Peace

Grassroot in my community will be do a focus grup discusion about our cultural and play a role about the topic that already choice by the member of this group. Thus, this topic will be done in a role game which is integrated with traditional art.The topic must be completed with local and traditional art and could be modified with local folklore. The member of the FGD will be learn traditional art (traditional musical instrument that will be arrangment to send peace meassage around the world).

Indonesia: “Our Day Our Lives” Documentary Film of Balinese Young People

This is a filmmaking project to capture Balinese young people (high school students) daily lives – how they use their time, what they like doing, where they hang out, and their interconnection with communities. The documentary film is to reflect on the future of Bali young generation. Parents, teachers, policy makers and Bali indigenous community group can learn from the movie to better facilitate ideas, creativity and freedom of expression of young people. These students will be the main actors, movie makers, and also directors of this collective-made documentary film.