Proposals Ecuador

Ecuador: Standing up, Speaking Out, Sharing our Stories

  April 15, 2014

This pilot digital literacy project uses feminist methodologies to train 20 women to create podcasts to tell their stories of struggle and empowerment, and share them with other women through social networks and online radio, providing them with tools to confront the multiple violences they have faced. The participants are domestic workers, sexual workers, street vendors, some are also formerly incarcerated. They have recently learned to read and write in La Escuela Mujeres de Frente. This project allows these recent graduates to stay connected to the project and learn new skills.

Ecuador: I Live!!

  April 14, 2014

We want people with disabilities show their life, with their skills, abilities, challenges, efforts positively for others with disabilities believe in themselves and other people to change the way we think about people with disabilities and can see them as people who can take on challenges, difficulties, actions like any other person through a inclusive and accessible video posted on social networking which includes these life experiences and tries to form a digital network of support among people with disabilities who want to share their lives.

Ecuador: Growing to the Beat of the Music

  April 2, 2014

The project is to create songs with the issues affecting children and their environment. We want everyone to hear the songs, share them, and make good deciciones. The songs will be sung by the children of the community. We want to create a bank of audio, and they are used by the community, institutions and government.

Ecuador: Radio Online Amazonia del Ecuador

  March 28, 2014

The project will promote the diversity of content and representation of the Shuar and mestizo settlers settlers , reducing the isolation of these populations by improving the capacity of the community to use and disseminate information and cultural knowledge through a radio range world using new communication technologies. The objective of this project is the democratization of communication . In these times , with the development of the Information Technology and Communication (ICT ) and the Internet facilities , the opportunity to make the particular process for the right to information.