Proposals Georgia

Georgia: Blogging Positively – Networking Ethnic Minorities in Georgia

  April 13, 2014

The project aims to give voice to voiceless, in this case to youngsters of ethnic minority groups in Georgia. The one month project implies teaching online media tools to 9 high school students of different ethnicity and as a result creating one shared blog. The workshops will be at weekends. Each session will be about different multimedia tools so that in the end the blog includes video, audio and photo materials as well as texts. The length of the project lets us establish close ties between these students so that they will continue cooperation even after this particular project.

Georgia: Way To Express – Social Media For Young Refugees

  April 1, 2014

Social media is a good way to express your opinion,mostly for those who have something important to say. Working with social media needs some special knowledge and skills.With the help of it you can become a part of the world,promote democratical values,talk about sensitive issues. Our project is for young Georgian refugees,who have a lot to say to international society.Via social network they can contact young people with the same problems,share their feelings,redress relationship with young people from occupied territory and etc.They will have a chance to become real peace makers.