Proposals Ghana

Ghana: My Content My Voice

  May 1, 2014

Equipping the youth with tech skills that can be used to develop web and mobile content that addresses local, regional, and personal issues. At the end of the program, they will be able to connect other youth, government and exchange views. They will be able to publish and manage their our various social media platforms.

Ghana: Youth Voices Jamestown – JT Live Radio

  May 1, 2014

We are a group of young people in Jamestown, Accra, who have recently established an online radio station to connect members of the community, celebrate their vibrant arts and culture, and offer production skills training to others, giving people a voice as citizen journalists reporting on the social issues affecting them in this deprived district of Accra. We will run bespoke training for 3 trainers, who will train 8 committed young people (16-24) in content production and digital storytelling (audiovisual), with their content presented online via the website, blog and social media.

Ghana: You Care Voice Platform

  March 15, 2014

Youth Concern and Responsive to Environment (YOU CARE) Voice Platform is a platform of youth representing the 12 rural areas of Wa Municipal where environment has been degraded so bad. They will be trained how to use a simple digital camera, basic journalism tips and take photos of environmental degradation and post it on a Facebook group they will create to build awareness amongst their peers who has no qualms of environmental care. The platform will be a pilot project to create community journalism using Facebook where most of the youth in this part of the world is familiar with.