Proposals India

India: Nazariya Mobile

  April 14, 2014

Creating microcontent + distributing it using mobile voice messaging,community radio + social media. Working with adolescent + college age girls from the marginalized Muslim communities of Ahmedabad city. Project scales up two proven models of community engagement – Community workshops- To encourage target group to reflect upon their position within the community+create content in the form of posters, comics, micro-audio, micro-video. Mobile Voice Messaging: Creating, sending & receiving feedback through micro-audio delivered on a voice messaging platform.

India: ANANDI – A Project for Better Menstrual Hygiene

  April 14, 2014

To make a portal that will contain all relevant information regarding menstrual health and hygiene where women can ask questions, share stories, blogs, etc. Also, to introduce an anonymous phone helpline where 250 women of village Chharba (in Uttarakhand) can ask questions, which would be directed to the portal by trained Anganwadi workers. A panel of specialists from a regional hospital will entertain aforementioned queries once a week via a videolink and also answer on portal.The documentation of videolink will be printed and distributed among village women and also uploaded on portal.

India: Youth Ki Awaaz Internship and Training Program

  April 14, 2014

Youth Ki Awaaz’s award-winning, work-from-home online journalism internship program has till date coached over 1500 young participants, since 2010. The 8 week internship enables young people to become change-makers by disseminating information about vital issues and articulating themselves through a week by week writing-editing-publishing process. Numerous interns have attained an opportunity to work with esteemed media organizations. However, this impact can be amplified if we are able to expand the program, engage external trainers and make the program more inclusive.

India: Solutions For Survival

  April 14, 2014

S4S is a media series that empowers youth of our country to capture compelling stories of people who are implementing tangible, local, and equitable climate solutions. The goal for S4S isn't just the spread of information–it's also the spread of inspiration. As part of this series, our Team India will focus on: a) Empowering youth with the use of media b) Capture real stories of resilience and change from the ground c) Motivating other communities of the world to adopt these solutions. S4S links these stories to educational & campaign resources, making more climate solutions accessible.

India: Uplift Tribal Women's Life Through Social Media

  April 14, 2014

The organization proposes to inculcate technological aptitude in the form of imparting the art of using Social Media to the tribal women of backward areas of the Northern India with the purpose of amplifying their voices thus helping their stories to reach out to the entire world by training them to master over the skills of social media and technology. They will be taught to operate computers first, then internet services followed by multimedia Mobile phones.

India: Voices from Vidarbha

  April 14, 2014

The project is an effort to establish rights and entitlements of widow farmers through multi pronged strategies. It focuses on Awareness generation on access to social security and productive resources for livelihood for widows. Development of interface mechanism like legal clinics, Mobilisation of collectives at regional level. Documentation. The project achieves its goals through digital communication with the support of mobile networks. Alert messages on schemes, schedules for legal clinics and follow ups and information of mobilization would be sent to the community.

India: Glimpses – Through the Eyes of a Child

  April 14, 2014

We intend to undertake this project with groups of children in slums and shelter homes and give them an opportunity to photo-document various aspects of their daily lives. Selected children within each group will be trained in the use of digital cameras to capture moments which THEY think are important as they undergo their daily routines. Photos will be shortlisted by the groups themselves and annotated in local language and English. Selected photos will be uploaded online and also presented at an exhibition event for the general public and at select elite educational institutions.

India: Activism on Prevention of Child Marriages

  April 13, 2014

DEEPS is a VO promotes developmental activities in an inaccessible areas in Dharmapuri dt, situated in north western part of Tamil Nadu and south in India.It is drought prone in nature,70%depends on rain fed cultivation. Due to social in security and Migration 40% leads to social problems ,child marriages are an alarming issue of the Dt. having 47% higher than the National average 45% state average 40%.In order to minimise and control the incidences,it has been planned to promote Adolescent girl journalist in rural area to empower young girls by using medium of web blog and social networking.

India: Linking of Resources for Child Protection

  April 13, 2014

Namakkal District is in the western part of Tamilnadu,India have a population of 1.72 million. Namakkal is known for its trucking, rig, power loom, poultry,sago and starch,educational industries. On the other hand, Namakkal District also ranks tops with the higher prevalence and incidents of HIV/AIDS,incidents of child rights violations-incidents of various forms of exploitation and abuses, high incidents of child marriages & high magnitude of child work force.While there are stand alone programs to address these, all of them are to be roped and to provide effective referrals and networking

India: Virtual Resource Pool for Disability Issues in Namakkal

  April 12, 2014

Society of Education Research for Village Improvement and Community Empowerment, a NGO based at Namakkal in Tamilnadu,India. We have been working for the various issues of disability in Namakkal & Karur districts in Tamilnadu,India with community & institution based approaches. We also run a special school for the mentally challenged children. We would like to bring in the participation of the medical experts, trainers, physiotherapists and other resource agencies to the rehabilitation of the disabled children in various forms and to create a virtual resource pool to address these issues.