Proposals Indonesia

Indonesia: The Fall of Our Local Food Sovereignty

  April 14, 2014

Papuans traditionally consume sago, bananas, and a variety of tuber, all part of their staple food. However, the traditional staple food is threatened by homogenization of food programs or the rice program. People have changed from a variety of food producers to become consumers of rice. As a result, food security is threatened. An effective strategy would be to visualize the erosion of the local food systems in the form of short films. They will also be trained to produce films themselves and to present the results to local officials. The films will also be uploaded in various social media.

Indonesia: Student Build the Nation

  April 14, 2014

With this project, we will improve the education level of all children who lived within the student’s boarding house. The method is simple, we invite all of university student who lived in Bandung to invest at least 1 hour per week to play and gather with the children around them. Then we used that occasion to do a lot of activities with them. Of course, our activity here would form the children's good character, increase their academic competence, and improve their familiarity in using internet.

Indonesia: Noblind

  April 8, 2014

Women Groups at grass root have economic independence through garden & flower care service and agriculture project. But less of knowledge around technology media in order to spread the news about their activities or jobs, and sometimes also hampered by patriarchy culture which stated that this kind of activities only for men. Whereas women have a sense of beauty treatments in park service that will encourage economic income of families So it requires women journalists which can use audio visual technology correctly, distribute news to wider society in order to tell about women struggle

Indonesia: Grassroot Voice and Traditional Art for Peace

  March 24, 2014

Grassroot in my community will be do a focus grup discusion about our cultural and play a role about the topic that already choice by the member of this group. Thus, this topic will be done in a role game which is integrated with traditional art.The topic must be completed with local and traditional art and could be modified with local folklore. The member of the FGD will be learn traditional art (traditional musical instrument that will be arrangment to send peace meassage around the world).

Indonesia: “Our Day Our Lives” Documentary Film of Balinese Young People

  March 20, 2014

This is a filmmaking project to capture Balinese young people (high school students) daily lives – how they use their time, what they like doing, where they hang out, and their interconnection with communities. The documentary film is to reflect on the future of Bali young generation. Parents, teachers, policy makers and Bali indigenous community group can learn from the movie to better facilitate ideas, creativity and freedom of expression of young people. These students will be the main actors, movie makers, and also directors of this collective-made documentary film.