Proposals Lebanon

Lebanon: ALLEPH – Collaborative Digital Arabic Content Production

  April 7, 2014

Alleph is an interactive educational portal that connects Arab youth and public figures to build connections, and develop communication, and problem solving skills. Alleph will “gamify” collaborative writing on public issues, making it accessible for young people to think together to solve everyday problems, while contributing to the dynamic production of Arabic digital content. Collaborative writing includes elements of different media (print, visual, audio, video) and different genres (fiction, non-fiction, citizen reporting, etc.)

Lebanon: Women Political Empowement

  April 7, 2014

Association Nabad for development works to activate the role of women and enhance their skills.This project will aim to enable and empower a group of women on using social media in strategic way in order to raise their voice to demand their rights and start playing their leadership role in community development. Nabad will conduct three training for 25 women in central and north bekaa on Social media (Facebook ,Twitter and Digital storytelling) in order to create page on facebook,Hashtag and make a film about their case and spread it on social media (facebook and Twitter) .

Lebanon: Bekaa Voice

  April 6, 2014

Because of the security situation and internal displaced Syrians in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon .There are many who are publishing news without checking their validity and this adversely affect the security situation. This project aims to empower individuals and activists and train them on how to verify the news before publication it on social media and the use of modern technologies, and set up a blog to document News published.

Lebanon: Realising the Potential of Open Data for Civic Commons in Local Communities

  March 20, 2014

A lot is written about open data how it can help us solve day to day problems in our communities, coordinate better and its potential to create smarter, more informed citizen/factivists, improve journalism and transparency and help create a more accountable government. But working with data in terms of reading, analysing, curating, producing, publishing and communicating it is not an easy process.We aim to create the tech infrastructure,curate a set of civic datasets in Lebanon, deliver world class training for students, bloggers, NGOs and journalists and share hard learned lessons