Proposals Middle East & North Africa

Egypt: Conteen

We are at the stage of preparing a private company production media aimed at this basis,The first projects will be the program conteen (connect+teen) Because the young teenager is tomorrow so The project is considered the voice of a teenager 1-goal of the program communication between teenagers and the rest of the members of the community , and especially their families by creating an area of dialogue 2-the aim of the program is to deepen the idea that age is not an obstacle 3-Attention creators of them and try to get funded for their ideas and inventions 4-assist resolving their problems

Iraq: The Story of Life, Stories from Refugees and Displaced Persons in Iraq

We will train residents of the Darashakran and Kawergosk refugee camps outside Erbil, Iraq to use simple technology already in their hands to share stories of their lives as refugees and displaced persons with audiences in Iraq and abroad. Participants will be taught digital storytelling, democratic participation skills and publishing to a website. We will collaborate with Warvin Foundation for Women to train 25 participants over three days, set up mentors from the Iraqi Network for Social Media, and create partnerships within the camp for participants to train other camp residents.

Palestine: Humans of Palestine – ناس فلسطين

ناس فلسطين “Humans of Palestine” provides a glimpse into the daily lives of Palestinians. (Inspired by the Facebook page “Humans of New York”) Portraits for Palestinians’ daily life from the Gaza Strip, West-Bank and Palestinians citizen of Israel ناس فلسطين – بتحكي قصص ومواقف من يوميات حياة الفلسطيني يوميات الفلسطينيين في محافظات قطاع غزة والضفة الغربية وفلسطينيي الداخل

Palestine: VACA Girl's Drama Theater Project

We are going to organize Palestinian Women Dance and Drama performance group and show its activities and play through social media. Women in Palestine suffer from a lot of difficulties including not only political problem but also social problem. Dancing and acting help women to reduce their pressure through expressing their emotion and feeling. Themes of their drama and dance will be related to women and we are going to exhibit its performance to women in our community. We expect they will become one of the role models of Palestine women in our community.

Palestine: Youth 2 Youth

The project is initiating training course about creative writing and photography. We will later collect a number of stories that youth share in their writing in order to produce a radio show based on it. The first stage of implementation will mainly focus on creative writing and how to enhance youth's ability in this particular field. The second phase will focus mainly on documenting their experience. The third phase is transforming it into a radio program.

UAE: Zair, Zabar, Pesh

Zair, Zabar, Pesh is based on developing understanding and promoting tolerance between individuals, groups & communities of various faiths, cultures & race. At present we have one audio-visual project based on Stereotypes, which we shot in Dubai last year and is now in post-production. This will be put out in the form of webisodes and run alongside an online advocacy campaign. The latter is going to be a series of curated programs /workshops/exhibitions under the title of “SouthAsian Sandooq”, which will seek to not only celebrate our common heritage but also address issues & promote dialogue.

Egypt: Mapping Platform – Industrial Water Pollution Along The Nile

The project will create an online, publicly accessible water pollution mapping platform, focusing on industrial pollution. The map will host various layers of information: all industrial facilities operating by the Nile; Links to media coverage, social networks posts pinpointed by location; Short interviews, with local populations; and Legal cases. The platform will be hosted on, using Ushahidi mapping platform, a reporting system will be the main method of collecting raw data via crowd-sourcing with a restricted report template. Training in inputtig data will be given to communitie

Algeria: Aith Ourthilane Voices

My project consists on creating a Radio (internet and radio wave) for my local community.We will set up an internet radio station open to local and communitarian use. The oral tradition and storytelling roots are rich as music and culture in order to give more chances and tools to a great number of peoples espicially youngs implanting in this region to express free and with their native language and share their own stories, their culture and their mores and issues important to them in their daily life and let him to produce and innovate audio podcasts

Palestine: Speaking Eyes

Speaking Eyes aims to train a group of young adult’s living in a conflict zone area of both genders ages 14-17 on how to express and document the stories and concerns of themselves and their community through caricature, creative writing, and publish these writings, political, social and economical cartoons in a blog established, edited and updated by the youth themselves. Therefore, they will undergo a training on creative writing, illustrations and caricature, photography and social media utilization especially blogs.

Morocco: Our Voices Heard in the World

Project seeks to train 40 organizations in the region and help them to establish their website and also opened their accounts on social networks and YouTube for free , and help them how to publish, communicate and make their voices heard to the world , trying through the project to support this organizations to disseminate its voices and to open to the world by the new media , in terms of : training them . And the project will be achieved due to the close to each others and also the permanent communicative with them via other courses that we’d organized.we shall explain all the steps.