Proposals Middle East & North Africa

Morocco: Documentary

A short documentary film, documentary title is: “Raise your voice to the world” the subject of the film is to present the conditions experienced by the Moroccan society, poverty, and unemployment

Yemen: Yemeni Women Storyteller

Yemeni Storyteller Organization(YSTR,) is the name of my project. It aims to invest in women's minds, through books. It encourages women to write stories ( about their life or others’ life). The goals are: – QUID women to write stories that documented (their life or other women's daily life) in Yemeni society. – ENCOURAGE them to talk about their problems, their dreams, their hopes, and their disappoint. – LEARN women to criticize the wrong behavior and bad treatment they face in the society. Those stories would be first step calling for justice and equality.

Egypt: Bdroom is the site of Art Independent was the beginning of the work since June 12, 2013 and is the site interested in music and graffiti and independent films with ,, where we have archiving and propaganda ,, We want to make the basement venue offers an integrated technical support and publicity for artists and those who want to deliver their art and their knowledge of the people in general and to the activities of cultural institutions and facilitate access to the public.

Egypt: Rural Women Online

The project aim to support women and young people in Rural Areas in Egypt to take their rights and enhance the services that provide to them by the State an the local NGO's by giving them the chance to access Internet and use social Media tools in a permanent way by having a “Small Safe environment Internet Center” that provide them with skills and PC's and Internet Connection to Learn and understand how to use social media and Use it as a tool to enhance their life.

Yemen: Challenge Early and Forced Marriage in the Hadramout

Enhanced women socio-economic services, particularly to women from vulnerable groups. Limit and prevent and improving the record of violence and violation against women. Increased societal and political awareness of the problem of early and forced marriage of girls and women. Improved social and health service for women in Hadramout.

Morocco: Website Cares About Local News Taroudant

Publishing news town of Taroudant and its environs through a network of correspondents who are in various rural areas of the region, and highlight the suffering and problems of static rural world.

Egypt: Beautiful Age Radio

Establishing a Radio on the Internet oriented for the elderly . Elderly are preparing the articles radio by themselves . They choose and prepare the content :old Songs & Music , Talk about their experiences and suffering associated with aging. I hope to achieve accustoming the elderly to use computers & Internet , Communication among Elderly and between them and the younger, highlighted the elderly and their problems. The project is implemented through : Organizing two workshops to train 30 elderly about preparing radio materials, recorded and upload it on internet.

Palestine: Disadvantaged Population and Citizen Media

It has been recognized that not all the needs within the Palestinian society were covered, with so much demand for specific services for Palestinians who face daily challenges, mentally, socially, psychologically and physically, Hand Without Limits Foundation ( HWL), sought to bring into surface this project, in which HWL will provide aid and guidance, and will provide the necessary training, workshops, educational sessions for Palestinian community mainly in rural areas in which they have lack of knowledge of citizen's media.

Lebanon: ALLEPH – Collaborative Digital Arabic Content Production

Alleph is an interactive educational portal that connects Arab youth and public figures to build connections, and develop communication, and problem solving skills. Alleph will “gamify” collaborative writing on public issues, making it accessible for young people to think together to solve everyday problems, while contributing to the dynamic production of Arabic digital content. Collaborative writing includes elements of different media (print, visual, audio, video) and different genres (fiction, non-fiction, citizen reporting, etc.)

Morocco: Kamline

Kamline is an online platforme of petitions for Moroccan people, Our objectif is to create a solid and strong community that help people arround the Morocco to let the governement listen to their voices and their needs, and build a culture of using the internet and its tools to make positive change in lives of people in Morocco as awell as what White house petition platform & & does.