Proposals in Oceania

Vanuatu: Kalja Blong Mi

This project aims will train 20 youth representatives from different communities and cultural groups in Port Vila to use citizen media to research and document their unique cultures, customs and languages. Participants will create digital products of their choice (photo essay, video, audio recording etc.) that will be shared via an online blog to promote increased intercultural learning amongst urban youth.

Papua New Guinea: GWIM59 ICT4Development

Am currently undergoing a 3 week training program of which 26 women including myself from different areas in Papua New Guinea, mainly very rural areas of Papua New Guinea reside. We have amongst us, one participant who can not read or write in English but was selected and recommended by the Donor sponsor company itself for her great achievement in her community. The 24 other women are leaders in their areas seeking opportunities to empower their women community. Many of these 24 women do not use the Internet and being able to teach them basic internet skills would be a great opportunity