· April, 2014

Proposals Pakistan from April, 2014

Pakistan: Citizen Journalism through Digital Media

  April 14, 2014

Swat remained in the news due to militancy in 2008-09. Hundreds of people lost their lives & more than two millions were forced to leave their homes. Now the peace has been restored after decisive military operation, but the conflict changed the folk’s lives. There are thousands of untold stories not reported as yet. Media Dimensions Swat intends to launch a website to give an opportunity to the people to express their views freely about the conflict. Sharing the eyewitness personal stories will pave the way towards recording honest history & the capability to talk about social problems

Pakistan: Community Journalist for Raising Community Voice

  April 14, 2014

This project is aim to help community to raise their issues by using social media through their young community leaders emerging as a community journalists, 15 young people as a citizen/community journalist using ICT & social media to create reports on their own community’s social, civic, environment & educational issues. This project aim to promote community involvement to highlight their issues by using non-conventional, accessible & modern alternative media & put pressure on authorities also prioritizes human rights issues in upcoming city government elections.

Pakistan: Sanitary Workers Rights movement in AJK

  April 12, 2014

Sanitary workers are the poorest persons and are victimized by the local communities, concerned departments for the tough working hours, low wages, temporary employment,social and cultural exclusion,political victimization.Being the most ignored people having no employment rights, can be terminated anytime without any legal base by the government authorities due to political weakness and usually not granted the right to vote in the general elections.This project will have to support the movement protect their rights being the human and being the state servants.

Pakistan: Awaz Program (Voices Program)

  April 12, 2014

JAAGO FOUNDATION is working on the basic rights of women and young girls in Pakistan. Firstly, through the customs, traditions and the tribal system here restrict women's rights is called. There are so many issues for girls in this situation. Badin, where we are working on the Lockheed-Martin.Nearly 80 percent of the people reached by radio. 77% has reached mobile and 46% net. We managed to both boys and girls of girls ‘ rights and information successes of their own radio, mobile and networking through to young girls. And let their legal education, consciousness and awareness.

Pakistan: Jalaibi.com- Pakistan's Sweeter Side

  April 9, 2014

We hope to create a one stop repository to learn, connect and share with the online community the other side of Pakistan. We will explore our culture, food, language, arts, people, lifestyle, literature and social issues without devolving to politics as is the norm in the country. Due to sectarian issues, national security and the creeping extremist narrative we feel there is a thirst for something else. All those small miracles, those causes worth celebrating entirely through the eyes of citizen journalists, sharing and contributing their Pakistan through blogs, vlogs, photo diaries and more

Pakistan: Turning Tears of Silence into Voices

  April 8, 2014

We propose community journalism training focusing on child marriages in Pakistan and train young community journalists to use digital media to report the cases and stories of child marriages. The project will amplify the voices of child brides , their plight and their miseries but will also help debunk several myths around child marriages in Pakistan. The initiative will help community understand when young children (girls and boys) are married a vicious cycle of poverty, violence, poor health, limited education and discrimination begins and leads to other violations such as domestic violence.

Pakistan: Capacity Building on Minority Rights

  April 8, 2014

The term minority rights come from human rights. Human rights are, as such, the foundation of minority rights. The Members of minority communities have all human rights because we all are human being. The unique and often marginalized situation of minorities means, in addition, they have minority rights. Individual Rights -The term minority rights are the individual rights that are enjoyed by person’s belonging to ethnic, religious and/or linguistic minorities. Apart from the individual rights, project also advocates the following 2 topics Protecting Minority Rights Capacity Building

Pakistan: Ark & NLSS Club Voices

  April 6, 2014

Project is to provide children with opportunities to express themselves or bring to light to issues important to them and their own communities through photography, writing, blogging and networking by using mobiles phones, digital cameras, computers, and internet connections. Children’s life is limited within the village. It will broaden their vision by telling that world is bigger than the village by providing environment to express and share.

Pakistan: Use of Social Media, Online Media, Blogging, Effective Content Writing

  April 4, 2014

The project will train 50 young women from the college and university level. The social media is the new emerging tool through which the girls can address the problems and issues in the society while living in Balochistan, Pakistan. The girls will get the training how they can promote their stories while using the social media/blogging/online media and effective content writing. The society which is lacking behind many things and which is completely male dominated. Women's are less educated and less empower after getting this training they will get the sense of social media.