Proposals Peru

Peru: Living Testimonies of Amazonian Migrants in Lima.

  April 15, 2014

The project will provide a platform through blogs, YouTube and Facebook for speakers of at least 4 Amazonian languages in Peru. Currently, there is quite limited presence of the Asháninka, Nomatisgenga, Shipibo or Wampis languages on internet. These Endangered Languages and its speakers have been relegated in these new and important communication platforms. Using a bilingual approach and through these specific individuals, the project will provide these underrepresented languages a virtual space with the aim of nurturing some seriously Endangered Languages and empowering their native speakers

Peru: The Song of my Ancestors Online

  April 15, 2014

We want to have a website in order to register and recall Andean music in the central region of my country, Peru, with the participation of the families and institutions of music. This will help our society to better understand one of the lines of our cultural identity as the basis of our development.

Peru: Life Plan indigenous Shipibo

  April 7, 2014

he proposed Plan of indigenous communities living Shipibos project is important for the communities to plan their social, economic development and history, also known communities information through databases each area communities as; soil, water, birds, animals, flora and other resources that make up the territory, and this plan will achieve community plans proposed development activities with management monthly and annual plans would be the best presentation of community proposals .