Proposals Romania from April, 2014

Romania: Get Ready 4 New Media

  April 14, 2014

“Get Ready 4 New Media” is a project proposed by the Bucharestian Youth Association for the young Journalism students and graduates of the Journalism Faculty. The aim of this project is to facilitate contact between young students or graduates and experts in media with the intention of creating an online community. The objectives proposed by the Bucharestian Youth Association are to form a group of young, future journalists helped by experts and to ensure quality training of these young people to develop journalistic skills.

Romania: Grassroots Storytelling

  April 14, 2014

By the project Grassroots storytelling we aim at developing a better understanding of the main features of this community, both inside and outside it. By empowering the member with the online media tool, we can contribute to their visibility and other people awareness of this amazing mix of ethnies in harmony and peace. By trainings, Living Libraries with the old members of the community and social meeting of sharing knowledge on the history and traditions of the community, we can make the students of the local high-school have a real sense of belonging to something special as Macin.

Romania: Visualising Roma women’s voices in Romania

  April 11, 2014

The purpose of this citizen media project is to make visible Roma women’s voices in the online environment through digital story telling. After being provided training on digital photography, Roma women from Tg Frumos will be given the tools and the support to self-document their lives behind the households’ fences. Together with young people, Roma women will be protagonists and narrators of the digital stories the project will generate and widely distribute. A blog reflecting the dynamics of the process of implementing it will be another media endeavor to widely spread Roma citizens’ voices.