Proposals Rwanda from March, 2014

Rwanda: Gorilla Journalists Center

  March 24, 2014

Gorilla Journalists Center is a futuristic project based in Kigali. We understand that Rwanda is a country of story tellers. Unfortunately, most of these talents have not been nurtured to benefit the society. The Center hopes to utilize the grant to promote the development and distribution of online video in Rwanda. We will conduct extensive workshops on the fundamentals of citizen media to both traditional journalists and common Rwandans. We have laid down structures to encourage our students to share their new skills with marginalized Rwandan communities including survivors of the genocide.

Rwanda: Rise Change Project

  March 20, 2014

The project is concerning the awareness and importance of social network in rural area, where community are facing the problem of accessing information related to human need. It is all about the role and how to use the social media in terms of creating friendship, exploring opportunities like scholarship, green card ,marketing, communication, researching and informing content strategy through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and all valid platforms that i will use as part of my content strategy and through complain, workshop and seminers.