Proposals Rwanda from April, 2014

Rwanda: Hope Voices from Disabled Youth

  April 15, 2014

In want to initiate project that intend to train disabled youth-students in the use of digital and media tools. The purpose is to create for them the access and usefulness in broadcasting and Media in general. In order to achieve this, we will teach them how to record and edit audio recordings. We will provide them with training and follow-up workshops in blogging and the use of social networks, so they will be able to share their productions with the outside environment.

Rwanda: Preserving Genocide Memories through Social Medias

  April 11, 2014

As a freelance journalist, I want to train citizen journalists living in communities that were affected by the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. I have seen that people who survived it are not writing what they experienced. I fear that as time goes on, genocide survivors will get old and die without leaving genocide memories to the next generation. It is dangerous to forget what happened because there is a risk that it can happen again. I want to train young people to interview genocide survivors on what they went through so that they can publish those stories in blogs, YouTube and other social medias

Rwanda: Les Enfants de Dieu

  April 8, 2014

Les Enfants de Dieu (EDD) is a Kigali based school and home for one hundred former street boys. These boys are caught in the gap between Rwanda’s past and the future as the country shifts from an agrarian economy to becoming an East African IT hub. To include these children in the country’s future, we at EDD want to launch our own computer literacy program. We will use a Rising Voices Microgrant to buy seven Google Chromebooks and a year of internet access. Led by our dedicated staff of teachers, social workers and volunteers, the project’s goal is to teach the boys the basics of IT.

Rwanda: Innovation of the Agricultural Techniques

  April 7, 2014

This project is based in the rural area in Eastern province of Rwanda where people live mainly by agriculture. Since last years the agriculture production is decreasing and so we find some people flying the region to other parts of the country. The peasants need to have enough information to have enough crops and so to improve their living conditions. This project will help them to be able to use their land adequately because they will share all information regarding the agriculture because until now everybody works individually without consulting the experts in that scope.