Proposals Serbia from April, 2014

Serbia: Voice of Hungarian Mothers in Serbia

  April 12, 2014

On Mothers Day, 4-th of May this year we start with a web site for hungarian minority families, parents, where they can find every information they need about parenting, pregnancy, our hospitals, their rights etc. We would like to get in contact with parents who live in villages – hungarian minority mostly live there, to help them giving the right information about subvention they are entitled.

Serbia: Expanding Space for Citizens Activism

This project aims to create a coordinated network of civic initiatives that would cooperate in addressing the issues of urban development policies and urban resource management, firstly on local, and then gradually to a national level. At the same time project will provide a online platform for exchange of experience and knowledge among existing initiatives and offering resources to the upcoming ones.

Serbia: Attention Please!?

  April 7, 2014

This project will largely increase the number of youth from 15 to 19 years old actively involved in youth programs through social media campaign. Young people are using social media non-stop. Less than 1% of them is using social media for education & making changes in their communities. They will learn about programs for the youth, opportunities they have and, most important, how to use different social media platforms to reach their goals. Together with them, we will plan one big campaign with the aim to increase the number of youngsters actively involved in the youth programs from 1 to 5%.

Serbia: My Story – Overcoming Challenges

  April 5, 2014

The aim of the project is to train and encourage people with disability to use multimedia platforms by means of which they would be able to successfully integrate and take part in the local cultural and scientific community upon completion of the project.

Serbia: Zemun Info

  April 2, 2014

“Zemun info” is the current blog, where I work and write for the fourth year, which promotes the social networks and which, with the official presentation of the municipality of Zemun almost the only local media community of 200,000 residents. It is necessary for him to read, and my fellow citizens and the Diaspora who want to be informed about what is happening in your hometown. My desire is to improve it so I'm going to create associates and educate them in the collection service and other information. I`m a professional journalist with years of experience.