Proposals in South Asia

Nepal: Hamro Voice, Hamro Media

According to a study by Babita Basnet, only about 14% of the media industry in Nepal is comprised of women. In a country of over 50% females, nearly half of the country is being unrepresented. Our project aims to empower the female youth to rebuild this representation. Hamro Voice, Hamro Media is a 9-week, program focused on empowering young women with the necessary critical thinking skills to consume targeted, modern media responsibly. Participants will create their own media messages—using computers, software, cameras, audio recorders and printers—to be shared globally from the Kathmandu.

Nepal: Local FMs for Farmers’ Wellbeing

Nepal is a LDC and economy is basically sustained by Agriculture. Huge part of Nepalese population heavily engaged on traditional agricultural activities which even can't meet the subsistence need of farmers. This project tends to empower farmers of sindhuli (one of the poorest district of Nepal) by providing training and information related to sustainable and improved agricultural practices (especially organic vegetable farming). The selected best farmer of each month will be invited to local FM to tell their success stories which will be disseminated via project's official facebook as well

Bangladesh: Social Networking for River Erosion Victims

The general objective of the project is to enable a number of youth (All of them from river erosion victim families) to acquire professional skills on making surveys, documentation, photographs, documentary films and above all using social media to let the world know the current situation of their community. At the end of the project, we aim to enable young people to set up a blog that covers the Southern issue and attempts to introduce the issue over a wider range. In addition, the project aims to establish a supporting network of

India: Nazariya Mobile

Creating microcontent + distributing it using mobile voice messaging,community radio + social media. Working with adolescent + college age girls from the marginalized Muslim communities of Ahmedabad city. Project scales up two proven models of community engagement – Community workshops- To encourage target group to reflect upon their position within the community+create content in the form of posters, comics, micro-audio, micro-video. Mobile Voice Messaging: Creating, sending & receiving feedback through micro-audio delivered on a voice messaging platform.

India: ANANDI – A Project for Better Menstrual Hygiene

To make a portal that will contain all relevant information regarding menstrual health and hygiene where women can ask questions, share stories, blogs, etc. Also, to introduce an anonymous phone helpline where 250 women of village Chharba (in Uttarakhand) can ask questions, which would be directed to the portal by trained Anganwadi workers. A panel of specialists from a regional hospital will entertain aforementioned queries once a week via a videolink and also answer on portal.The documentation of videolink will be printed and distributed among village women and also uploaded on portal.

Pakistan: Citizen Journalism through Digital Media

Swat remained in the news due to militancy in 2008-09. Hundreds of people lost their lives & more than two millions were forced to leave their homes. Now the peace has been restored after decisive military operation, but the conflict changed the folk’s lives. There are thousands of untold stories not reported as yet. Media Dimensions Swat intends to launch a website to give an opportunity to the people to express their views freely about the conflict. Sharing the eyewitness personal stories will pave the way towards recording honest history & the capability to talk about social problems

India: Youth Ki Awaaz Internship and Training Program

Youth Ki Awaaz’s award-winning, work-from-home online journalism internship program has till date coached over 1500 young participants, since 2010. The 8 week internship enables young people to become change-makers by disseminating information about vital issues and articulating themselves through a week by week writing-editing-publishing process. Numerous interns have attained an opportunity to work with esteemed media organizations. However, this impact can be amplified if we are able to expand the program, engage external trainers and make the program more inclusive.

Bangladesh: SharedLives

SharedLives is about bringing together underserved youth from different backgrounds, different countries by getting the youth engaged, helping them understand each other and building tolerance between diverse groups through visual communication and storytelling. The pilot project will involve children from underprivileged families in Bangladesh sharing their stories through digital media. Stories from different regions will be exchanged and exhibited internationally, increasing the knowledge of youth on different international social matters occurring around them.

Bangladesh: Fighting Drug Through Photography Campaign

Due to unemployment, maximum number of youths of the bordering district Jessore of Bangladesh is very vulnerable to drug abuse and drug smuggling. Through this project, we shall provide training on Digital Photography & Social Networking (through existing network, e.g. Facebook) among those youth who has recovered from drug abuse & getting Lifeskill training, seeking job. This project will help these youth to be innovative & find out a job (as photographer or Digital marketing), enabling them to eradicate their extreme poverty and keep them away from vulnerability of drug abuse.

India: Solutions For Survival

S4S is a media series that empowers youth of our country to capture compelling stories of people who are implementing tangible, local, and equitable climate solutions. The goal for S4S isn't just the spread of information–it's also the spread of inspiration. As part of this series, our Team India will focus on: a) Empowering youth with the use of media b) Capture real stories of resilience and change from the ground c) Motivating other communities of the world to adopt these solutions. S4S links these stories to educational & campaign resources, making more climate solutions accessible.