Proposals Togo

Togo: Fika'oleo

  April 7, 2014

The project involves strengthening capacity and boosting the Togo OpenStreetMap community by advanced training on mapping OpenStreetMap and Quantum GIS. The goal is, through a program of activities aimed at the creation of the map of the University of Lomé and the production of useful information guides, provide to the OSM TG community an important background in the creation and use of free geographic data to demonstrate their usefulness and in turn promote the support of national and international community to OSM mappers in Togo.

Togo: Tools to Boost Online Campaigns – Togo Nyonu

  April 2, 2014

TOGO NYONU (which means Togolese woman) is a platform dedicated to Togolese women’s rights. The web site will be a steppingstone to activists, associations and local organizations of women to highlight their actions and online campaigns. Apart from news stories, interviews, success stories, this innovative web portal will offer tool kits and customized free courses that will allow activists to maximize the impact of their online campaigns to raise awareness on injustices and discriminations against women.