· April, 2014

Proposals Tunisia from April, 2014

Tunisia: The Will of the Art

  April 6, 2014

The project is the training courses in the field of art and approach between the experiences of a group of successful artists in front of senior amateur artists.

Tunisia: Radio Mahdia 1

  April 6, 2014

Regional radio is a free and independent from the womb of the city of Mahdia, the first Radio station Mahdia Tunisia was founded by a professional team of highly experienced journalism graduates and media and marketing as well as amateur. It consists of 20 qualified young people. Mahdia Radio 1 is a regional youth radio station interested in the concerns of the citizens and shed light on the point of Mahdia primarily. Constant interaction with listeners.

Tunisia: Urban show

  April 1, 2014

The show consists of sheddind the light on street artists in Tunisia. Moving from town to town, from city to city in order to give these artists the chance to express themselves and share their skills and to discover the other talents that the media have never shown them to the public. Filming the dancers, the graffiti artists, giving the microphone to the singers, rappers, poets. Broadcasting local video clips, workshops, concerts…