Proposals Ukraine from April, 2014

Ukraine: E-Inclusion Against Digital Exclusion

  April 14, 2014

Persons with disabilities face difficulties traveling, going out and accessing to information. It becomes more visible nowadays, in the world dominated by digital information and new media which leads to digital exclusion. We want to raise awareness among youth with fewer opportunities, their parents, NGO workers about new technologies and tools which make access to digital world easier. By means of trainings, consultations, manuals we will show that everyone is equal in the Internet, spread the knowledge how to educate and communicate the disabled more effectively and efficiently.

Ukraine: Increase the Capacity of Public Voice

  April 14, 2014

The project will create an interactive social technology of Public Opinion Research the active citizens about the actual problems of the city. The technique involves the development of a software module for tablet for the street survey of citizens and conducting street interviews through a program module and an audio recording of their views, followed by treatment and placement of podcasts on this site. Polls will carry specially trained volunteers. The results will be promptly posted on the organization's website, which will be executed its reconstruction.

Ukraine: Summer Film School

  April 14, 2014

Purport of this project is to teach participants create qualitative and original video content (especially to create personal channels on videohostings ) . In this participants of the project will take all steps of creating videos (from creation ideas to filming and editing , also promoting their personal channel). Participants will be divided into groups. Each group will be run by a coach. Under their guidance on the spot will be created videos , short films or internet show . Our target is to teach Ukrainian youth to do qualitative and original video content .

Ukraine: School Radio Space

  April 10, 2014

School Radio Space is an educational project for students of school in province Ukrainian city Kremenchuk. Main aims of project are activation of local school youth communities, teaching youth of basic principles of citizen journalism, developing local Internet-radio Space. Objects of our project are: 1) to organize 13 training sessions for 120 activists among Kremenchuk school youth; 2) encourage youth to make topical audio-news about their school, local community, and city; 3) to publish and promote their podcasts on Internet radio platform Space –

Ukraine: You Have a Right to Know

  April 9, 2014

This project proposal aims at facilitating access to the Internet vulnerable groups (people with disabilities and older people ). The project covers the development of the three important areas. First will be trained target group to be set up with people vulnerable, how to use Internet resources and social networks. Second is the work done with local Internet Media of Chernivtsi region, that they have created Accessibility online resources. Third conducting training for social services of Chernivtsi region as in touch with vulnerable groups through social networks.

Ukraine: Center for Investigative Journalism “Garnet”

СIJ «Garnet» – journalistic project in Kiev region, Ukraine. Objective of project – public control over public finance, privatization, and economic sphere in Kiev region. We hope to achieve level of professional mass-media. In our state we have negative situation, the local media do not cover the most important issues in many regions. We published articles about tenders, concessions, privatization and shared it in social networks for residents of Kiev region since February 2014. That's why residents of Kiev region always know the latest news about the actions of local authorities.

Ukraine: My District

  April 9, 2014

The goal of this project is the active involvement through internet of the Obolon district residents into improving their living conditions.In order to achieve that goal we will create a website that will cover events, news and information on what is happening in this particular district. The content for the website will be provided by both professional journalists and residents themselves. In addition to the website we will be actively using Vkontakte and Facebook social networks. That will promote the self-organization of local groups within the decentralization of authority framework.

Ukraine: Citizen Media – New Possibilities for NGOs

  April 8, 2014

The project is aimed the technological development of civil society and is an initiative that further the effectiveness and sustainability of the NGOs in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine by using Internet technology and citizen media. Such technologies make it possible to establish communication channels with the target audience, like-minded individuals, media and potential partners. Achieving the goals will be implemented through conducting a series of educational trainings for local NGOs underrepresented online to create their own websites using free constructors and groups in social networks

Ukraine: Blogs of Political Refugees from the Crimea

  April 8, 2014

The “Blogs of political refugees from the Crimea” will include accommodation on the existing online platform owned by the applicant for a grant, blogging section of the Crimean population, which, after the Russian annexation of the peninsula left Crimea to live in Lviv (Ukraine). The project workers will describe the history of his life in Lviv and problems of adaptation. One of the objectives of the project — to help new residents of Lviv openly express their thoughts about the new city, to communicate with each other via the Internet platform, to share the experience of adaptation.

Ukraine: Lugansk Urban Legends

  April 7, 2014

The project envisages the creation of the site – a network resource “Lugansk urban legends”. It will be filled with stories, urban legends , myths and fairy tales about the city. We suggest to place texts , audio-video and photographs . We plan to collect materials by the project team and will offer to our consumers to place their interesting materials. Site will show the city in a casual way. We will be able to concentrate a maximum of interesting information about the city, to form Lugansk`s new image. Site will create a virtual face of the city and to support cultural initiatives community.