Proposals in Western Europe

Italy: Stories of Home

Stories of Home is an audiovisual-media project which gives voice to the experiences of migration and belonging for migrant communities in the Italian city of Catania, Sicily. It will explore participants’ diverse cultures and places of origin, as well as their feelings towards their new home in this increasingly multicultural city. Participants will learn to use voice recording, digital photography and video-editing skills to make their own narrated photo-stories, which will then be showcased through an ongoing series of participant-led web-radioshows, as well as the Stories of Home blog.

Cyprus: In the Footsteps of a Dying Dialect

This project is a participatory audio and visual documentary about the dying dialect of Kormakitis village in Cyprus. We hope to show the need for a solution to the Cyprus Problem so that people can return to their village, so get to know and speak there dialect. We will show the historical routs of this dialect, the need for teaching it to the youth and all the interested people so it will not die after a few generations. We will find older people to speak about their language, show the different perspectives of the youth, and highlight what has been done until now to keep this dialect alive.

France: Let's Talk!

“Let's talk” is a platform of dialogue and free speech for minorities in Europe. Migrants, women, LGBT, Roma, young… everyone is welcome to join this virtual co-working space. We encourage the dialogue between different communities and offer media training, language courses, law assistance. Participants are invited to share practices with the others (IT or language skills, art and culture, cuisine etc). The aim of “Let's talk!” is to bring together members of underrepresented categories in Europe and help them speak with one voice.

Netherlands: Undercover Peacebuilders

Undercover Peacebuilders empowers young activists to collect stories of hidden peacebuilders in their local communities and spread it online. The project is a follow-up of a digital storytelling workshop, allowing them to put the learned skills into practice and connecting them to issues important to their communities. The participants will act as loudspeakers for a peacemaker in the community who traditionally has no voice beyond it. Our vision is to link digital skills of young activists to locals with a meaningful story to give them a voice and tell the unique reality of a community online.

Netherlands: Unite Ukrainian community in the Netherlands

This project aims to support Ukrainians in the Netherlands, to contribute to the formation of our diaspora through the maintenance of the existing online platform & the organization of the offline Ukrainian community centers. Our goals: 1) distribute trustful information about Ukraine, resist to anti-Ukrainian propaganda that appears on world media; 2) inform about events & activities related to Ukraine and the community in the NL; 3) provide coordination and support self-organization of various grassroots projects; 4) give community a voice – petitions; 5) share ideas/experience

Portugal: Keep in Touch

With this project we aim to show the world our history before it's forgotten in time. We will train people so that they can communicate and share information through information technologies. We want people to share their story, their work experience, social traditions, their old daily routine and their old eating habits. We want them to remind our landscapes as they were formerly, and how architecture has changed. We intend to work with youth, adults and seniors (from this region) with the aim of disseminating and promoting cultural aspects and traditions experienced by each individual.

Netherlands: A Day in Her Life

A Day in Her Life will be a multimedia project by non-profit organization Voices of Women Media. The project seeks to empower women working in Amsterdam’s Red Light District by training them to use media tools to tell their stories. We want to provide an opportunity for participants to have a voice and express themselves in a creative way. Participants will create a multimedia body of work that they themselves will disseminate in their communities to raise awareness, thereby developing advocacy skills and challenging mainstream stereotypes and stigmas surrounding the sex industry.

United Kingdom: Transnational Palestinian Hip-Hop

This research will explore the development of a transnational Palestinian identity through the medium of contemporary Palestinian music, with particular focus on the Palestinian diaspora. Exploration of this identity will determine whether this transnational identity can impact Israel's relations with the Palestinians and nations in which Palestinians currently reside.

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