Proposals Yemen

Yemen: Yemeni Women Storyteller

  April 9, 2014

Yemeni Storyteller Organization(YSTR,) is the name of my project. It aims to invest in women's minds, through books. It encourages women to write stories ( about their life or others’ life). The goals are: – QUID women to write stories that documented (their life or other women's daily life) in Yemeni society. – ENCOURAGE them to talk about their problems, their dreams, their hopes, and their disappoint. – LEARN women to criticize the wrong behavior and bad treatment they face in the society. Those stories would be first step calling for justice and equality.

Yemen: Challenge Early and Forced Marriage in the Hadramout

  April 8, 2014

Enhanced women socio-economic services, particularly to women from vulnerable groups. Limit and prevent and improving the record of violence and violation against women. Increased societal and political awareness of the problem of early and forced marriage of girls and women. Improved social and health service for women in Hadramout.

Yemen: Voice of Youth

  April 6, 2014

Because the absence of coordination between Non State actor and local authorities in all governorates, we decided to implement the project of voice of youth and women in order to create a partnership between local community and local council , the partnership will help community to participt in making policies for the local council, to deliver the needs of development to the local council , so this project will help by using ICT to link the communities with local council and the media mean