· April, 2014

Proposals Audio Podcasts from April, 2014

Nepal: Local FMs for Farmers’ Wellbeing

  April 28, 2014

Nepal is a LDC and economy is basically sustained by Agriculture. Huge part of Nepalese population heavily engaged on traditional agricultural activities which even can't meet the subsistence need of farmers. This project tends to empower farmers of sindhuli (one of the poorest district of Nepal) by providing training and information related to sustainable and improved agricultural practices (especially organic vegetable farming). The selected best farmer of each month will be invited to local FM to tell their success stories which will be disseminated via project's official facebook as well

Rwanda: Hope Voices from Disabled Youth

  April 15, 2014

In want to initiate project that intend to train disabled youth-students in the use of digital and media tools. The purpose is to create for them the access and usefulness in broadcasting and Media in general. In order to achieve this, we will teach them how to record and edit audio recordings. We will provide them with training and follow-up workshops in blogging and the use of social networks, so they will be able to share their productions with the outside environment.

Peru: The Song of my Ancestors Online

  April 15, 2014

We want to have a website in order to register and recall Andean music in the central region of my country, Peru, with the participation of the families and institutions of music. This will help our society to better understand one of the lines of our cultural identity as the basis of our development.

Ecuador: Standing up, Speaking Out, Sharing our Stories

  April 15, 2014

This pilot digital literacy project uses feminist methodologies to train 20 women to create podcasts to tell their stories of struggle and empowerment, and share them with other women through social networks and online radio, providing them with tools to confront the multiple violences they have faced. The participants are domestic workers, sexual workers, street vendors, some are also formerly incarcerated. They have recently learned to read and write in La Escuela Mujeres de Frente. This project allows these recent graduates to stay connected to the project and learn new skills.

Bosnia Herzegovina: Inform and Transform

  April 14, 2014

The project is created as a powerful tool for the use of the media and social networks for the needs of the youth from the local community. To youth will be given a chance to go through the set of workshops and lectures about audio and video production, the knowledge of textual expression of the web journalists, the importance of the social networks in the information flow and the creating and the maintenance of the web platforms. The primary tool, which will be used at the end of this training, will be an online radio station blended in the web platform that has informative characteristics.

Palestine: Youth 2 Youth

  April 14, 2014

The project is initiating training course about creative writing and photography. We will later collect a number of stories that youth share in their writing in order to produce a radio show based on it. The first stage of implementation will mainly focus on creative writing and how to enhance youth's ability in this particular field. The second phase will focus mainly on documenting their experience. The third phase is transforming it into a radio program.

Kenya: Radio Taluma Community Journalism Training

  April 14, 2014

We envision community radio journalism training in HomaBay County. The outsourced programs are expected to promote increased participation of communities in the democratic process of the County by providing forums through which communities can ‘freely’ communicate between themselves and their leaders about development issues without interference or fear of intimidation. We intend to setup a studio whereby we shall train 21 community members from 3 pilot districts on community journalism, local content outsourcing and sharing of the content via organized online listeners clubs.

Italy: Stories of Home

  April 14, 2014

Stories of Home is an audiovisual-media project which gives voice to the experiences of migration and belonging for migrant communities in the Italian city of Catania, Sicily. It will explore participants’ diverse cultures and places of origin, as well as their feelings towards their new home in this increasingly multicultural city. Participants will learn to use voice recording, digital photography and video-editing skills to make their own narrated photo-stories, which will then be showcased through an ongoing series of participant-led web-radioshows, as well as the Stories of Home blog.

Kenya: Let the Dying be Heard

  April 14, 2014

Patients with life threatening illnesses are often left to wonder why God decided to limit their voices. The doctor says this illness cannot be treated and send them home. Interventions like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Dialysis are expensive and the poor in Kenya cannot afford. Relatives shy away and live them in agony. Their voices are suppressed and there is no one to talk to. Palliative Care providers attend to them, support them and listen to their stories but rarely do they voice them out. These stories are touching and voicing them through stories would direct help their way.

Algeria: Aith Ourthilane Voices

  April 14, 2014

My project consists on creating a Radio (internet and radio wave) for my local community.We will set up an internet radio station open to local and communitarian use. The oral tradition and storytelling roots are rich as music and culture in order to give more chances and tools to a great number of peoples espicially youngs implanting in this region to express free and with their native language and share their own stories, their culture and their mores and issues important to them in their daily life and let him to produce and innovate audio podcasts