Proposals Digital Video

Uganda: University Film Clubs

The project seeks to raise insight and capacity to articulate freely on issues of distress within communities using online video advocacy. 80% of Ugandans are youth below 30 years. This is an important demographic group to strive and create social change through raising awareness on human rights issues, especially were standard democratic practices are restricted. The film clubs will promote freedom of expression through teaching students how to make engaging short films, micro blogging and utilizing social media sites to present their voice on current human rights issues in Uganda.

Cameroon: Participatory Video for Information-Sharing Between Indigenous Communities

This project will train 12 Baka and Bagyeli indigenous community members to use digital video to share information between far flung, difficult to access villages regarding the impacts of a major new mine and railway project in their home territory. The project will result in the production and circulation of short films that will educate community members about issues such as water toxicity. The circulation of videos online and through a traveling cinema will facilitate inter-community communication and cooperation around issues generated by the mine project.

Peru: Living Testimonies of Amazonian Migrants in Lima.

The project will provide a platform through blogs, YouTube and Facebook for speakers of at least 4 Amazonian languages in Peru. Currently, there is quite limited presence of the Asháninka, Nomatisgenga, Shipibo or Wampis languages on internet. These Endangered Languages and its speakers have been relegated in these new and important communication platforms. Using a bilingual approach and through these specific individuals, the project will provide these underrepresented languages a virtual space with the aim of nurturing some seriously Endangered Languages and empowering their native speakers

Egypt: Conteen

We are at the stage of preparing a private company production media aimed at this basis,The first projects will be the program conteen (connect+teen) Because the young teenager is tomorrow so The project is considered the voice of a teenager 1-goal of the program communication between teenagers and the rest of the members of the community , and especially their families by creating an area of dialogue 2-the aim of the program is to deepen the idea that age is not an obstacle 3-Attention creators of them and try to get funded for their ideas and inventions 4-assist resolving their problems

Guatemala: Life and Territory

The goal is to bring the reality of other peoples to Guatemala, find, know, recognize and feel-as Latin American brothers-as with identities, but also various objectives and common struggles. We want to bring the sample in communities and schools and conduct a Community Media Training Workshop with young Mayan boys and girls.

Macedonia: Save the Mounting

This project is another step in the fight for the citizens of Skopje , the capital of the Republic . Macedonia , against the construction of buildings and usurpation of mountain water . This mountain is the lungs of the city and has been reforested many years since the previous political system . Many buildings that have sprouted crossed the line of permissible. Due to the nature of the mountain soil on few places, the soil began to descend, and one asphalt is cracked . In the constructed buildings many people have settled and with them they brought many cars and pollution has increased.

Kenya: Africa Stories Project

Kenya has over 40 tribes that make a rich and diverse culture. Each of these have distinctive rich stories that have been passed on from generation to generation around fireplaces in the rural areas. These stories were used to teach morals, etiquette, and other social norms, to preserve traditions, and to act as oral historic records of family migrations, significant occurrences and so on.Since most of these stories were passed on orally, there are very few written or recorded accounts in existence. We therefore want to capture these stories and preserve a large knowledgebase of our stories.

Ecuador: I Live!!

We want people with disabilities show their life, with their skills, abilities, challenges, efforts positively for others with disabilities believe in themselves and other people to change the way we think about people with disabilities and can see them as people who can take on challenges, difficulties, actions like any other person through a inclusive and accessible video posted on social networking which includes these life experiences and tries to form a digital network of support among people with disabilities who want to share their lives.

Brazil: This is Santa Marta

The ‘This is Santa Marta’ project consists in an audiovisual production workshop, to be held for the visual core of Ong Social Attitude, with ten young people in this poor community in Rio de Janeiro. As a practical exercise we will produce a web reality with the residents of the community. We use digital technology in capturing and editing images and beyond the display on a web channel, we will also views the program as the film club Ong community.

Colombia: Community Cinema Screenings

The aim of the project is that the children and young women of the neighborhood Juan Rey in Bogota, Colombia produce a shortfilm on the principal challenges of a child who grows in an environment of exclusion and conflict. We want to sensitize to the community on the impact of a negative environment in the growth and development of the children. The shortfilm will realize by means of the training in audio-visual production, photography of 20 children and young inhabitants of this vulnerable community of the south of the Colombian capital.