Proposals Mapping

Egypt: Mapping Platform – Industrial Water Pollution Along The Nile

  April 14, 2014

The project will create an online, publicly accessible water pollution mapping platform, focusing on industrial pollution. The map will host various layers of information: all industrial facilities operating by the Nile; Links to media coverage, social networks posts pinpointed by location; Short interviews, with local populations; and Legal cases. The platform will be hosted on, using Ushahidi mapping platform, a reporting system will be the main method of collecting raw data via crowd-sourcing with a restricted report template. Training in inputtig data will be given to communitie

Mexico: HerStory – Stories of Women on the Frontlines

  April 8, 2014

The aim is to launch an online crowd-based map using existing and user-generated data from human rights defenders to reduce violence against women in Mexico through storytelling and the sharing of data. We will implement an online training course using Google Hangouts with a core group of human rights defenders currently working in Mexico. Courses will focus on the use of narrative strategy to frame stories, current mapping and SMS technology. The website will be launched as a training tool and a way to humanize the statistics related to violence targeted at women and children in Mexico.

Colombia: Voz

  April 8, 2014

VOZ is designed to allow individuals and organisations to quickly and easily post live reports of human rights and environmental issues occurring in their local area using a phone or a PC. These posts are uploaded to a website, showing the report and its location on a map as it is happening. VOZ will become a database of geographically located reports submitted by grassroots and SMOs around the globe. With the aim of helping movements connect and share experiences and knowledge, and providing up to the minute and locally produced information for local, national and international NGOs.

Nigeria: Finding our Voice in Violence

  April 8, 2014

This project shall create an SMS platform through which individuals in undeserved communities in Lagos Nigeria can report cases of violence and crisis during in the period leading to the Nigerian elections in February 2015 till 4 months post-elections. Information from the platform will be fed to a live twitter, Facebook stream and an open source crisis hot-spot mapping (using Ushahidi). This would provide security information for the community members, wider Lagos metropolis, security agencies and in event of electoral redress.

Togo: Fika'oleo

  April 7, 2014

The project involves strengthening capacity and boosting the Togo OpenStreetMap community by advanced training on mapping OpenStreetMap and Quantum GIS. The goal is, through a program of activities aimed at the creation of the map of the University of Lomé and the production of useful information guides, provide to the OSM TG community an important background in the creation and use of free geographic data to demonstrate their usefulness and in turn promote the support of national and international community to OSM mappers in Togo.

Peru: Life Plan indigenous Shipibo

  April 7, 2014

he proposed Plan of indigenous communities living Shipibos project is important for the communities to plan their social, economic development and history, also known communities information through databases each area communities as; soil, water, birds, animals, flora and other resources that make up the territory, and this plan will achieve community plans proposed development activities with management monthly and annual plans would be the best presentation of community proposals .

Serbia: Expanding Space for Citizens Activism

  April 7, 2014

This project aims to create a coordinated network of civic initiatives that would cooperate in addressing the issues of urban development policies and urban resource management, firstly on local, and then gradually to a national level. At the same time project will provide a online platform for exchange of experience and knowledge among existing initiatives and offering resources to the upcoming ones.

Montenegro: Map Me

  March 23, 2014

I want to give chance to every non official community in the country to have online voice. Map me platform is going to allow to every(non-hate…) community to map themselves on the website, even to get their blog, so they are able to speak for themselves, so everyone can hearthem.