Proposals Microblogging

Honduras: Cultural Atlas of the Garifuna people in Atlantida

  April 14, 2014

The elaboration of a Cultural Atlas of the Garifuna people in the Department of Atlantis, with the aim of strengthening the intergenerational transmission of knowledge; addition to collecting information on dance groups and cultural productions. through recordings, blogs and the use of community radio.

Pakistan: Community Journalist for Raising Community Voice

  April 14, 2014

This project is aim to help community to raise their issues by using social media through their young community leaders emerging as a community journalists, 15 young people as a citizen/community journalist using ICT & social media to create reports on their own community’s social, civic, environment & educational issues. This project aim to promote community involvement to highlight their issues by using non-conventional, accessible & modern alternative media & put pressure on authorities also prioritizes human rights issues in upcoming city government elections.

Romania: Grassroots Storytelling

  April 14, 2014

By the project Grassroots storytelling we aim at developing a better understanding of the main features of this community, both inside and outside it. By empowering the member with the online media tool, we can contribute to their visibility and other people awareness of this amazing mix of ethnies in harmony and peace. By trainings, Living Libraries with the old members of the community and social meeting of sharing knowledge on the history and traditions of the community, we can make the students of the local high-school have a real sense of belonging to something special as Macin.

Kenya: ACDM Community Journalists’ Training Programme

  April 10, 2014

Africa Community Development Media (ACDM) proposes the launch of “ACDM Community Journalists’ Training Programme” – a training program that will further implement the organization’s mission of actualizing the power of communities through community and social media. The “programme”,to be conducted at our offices, will serve as a platform to train Community Journalists on how to manage social media and blogs for their respective organizations. From a theoretical perspective, key ethical challenges for online journalists will be addressed, including: Accuracy, Transparency, Value Addition, Corrections and dealing with Trolls.

Mexico: Weaving Social and Environmental Struggles

  April 10, 2014

This proposal raises the formalization and extension of ” Hijos de la tierra” project through strategic communication planning activities whose main thematic focus is the emergence, development and monitoring of the various socio-environmental movements and struggles in Mexico and Latin America. Goals: Broadcasting of radio and audiovisual content in digital format through the website and social networks. Establishing agreements with media local self-communication for the the periodic broadcasting of radio and audiovisual content in digital format

Kenya: Click the World

  April 9, 2014

Young people are full of optimism and they easily take advantage of opportunities and information that are availed to them.The challenge remains finding avenues where they can access such platforms. GHETTO POTENTIAL TRUST KENYA works to create a four day seminar dubbed Click the World, a concept that brings together thirty five young people from seven slums within Nairobi. The emphasis of this project is to expose the positive side of informal settlements. The youth will be introduced to simple writing skills and online reporting.

Kenya: Ingooma

  April 8, 2014

‘INGOOMA’ basically means ‘drum’ in the Maragoli accent of western Kenya. In the days past, a large ‘ingooma’ was placed into the Maragoli hills, that was used to communicative important information to the community .It was the focus of the entire community, and they relied on its boom to know how the situation was in the community and what to do in different situations. This project intends to use citizen media as a modern day ingooma, to share and impart important information among young people of the Maragoli community, as a way of empowering and providing exposure to technology.

Nepal: Blind Tweets to Blind World Cup Cricket

  April 8, 2014

The project aims to prepare a team of blind Twitter users in Nepal. They will contribute to the Twitteratti tweeting about the issues and concerns of totally and partially blind people. They will tweet vigorously during the Blind World Cup being played in South Africa this November.

Jamaica: Mouthpiece of Jamaica

  April 8, 2014

Recent upsurge in confrontation with civilians and members of the security forces is an indicator of the lack of knowledge of the Rule Of Law and one's responsibility as rights bearers under the Jamaican Constitution. This project aims to build respect for law enforcement through awareness of the Jamaican Constitution, Charter of Rights and other relevant data sources. The project will be implemented under two components:Component 1: Direct contact through a one-day workshop on related topic for 20 persons, Component 2: Micro blog of relation information on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger

Morocco: Kamline

  April 7, 2014

Kamline is an online platforme of petitions for Moroccan people, Our objectif is to create a solid and strong community that help people arround the Morocco to let the governement listen to their voices and their needs, and build a culture of using the internet and its tools to make positive change in lives of people in Morocco as awell as what White house petition platform & & does.