· March, 2014

Proposals in Other from March, 2014

Croatia: Wikipedia>Local>Global

Project goal is to make minority communities of Croatia (with focus on Serbs in Croatia) more visible by using Wikipedia. Under this project there will be made research and written articles about history, culture, traditions of community in English, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian and Croatian Wikipedia. Also, articles about rights of minority groups will be translated from English Wikipedia into local Wikipedia so that local population can have source of information about their rights. Project will continue already started activity but enable more people to take part and make rural sources accessible

Bosnia Herzegovina: Learn English/Bosnian

I've recently spoken to several foreigners who would be thrilled to learn Bosnian before or during their stay in our country. Unfortunately, they said they couldn't find a single online course for learning Bosnian. Likewise, a lot of my friends would like to learn English, and there are plenty of courses online, but none of them which is in Bosnian and English. Usually, these are only monolingual (English). I would like to develop and create an online course for learning Bosnian and English. Easy online material and lessons available for all groups and age.

Pakistan: Go Big!

#GoBig will be a social media activity where people will be using different social mediums, slogans and pictures to highlight the injustice and corruption we are facing in Pakistan. Its like giving voice to people, their feelings, what they think is happening. It will not focus on ethnicity, racial or sectarian discrimination. It will be more like what happening around them in their close vicinity, surrounding, comments on the kind of education they are getting is good or not.

Lebanon: Realising the Potential of Open Data for Civic Commons in Local Communities

A lot is written about open data how it can help us solve day to day problems in our communities, coordinate better and its potential to create smarter, more informed citizen/factivists, improve journalism and transparency and help create a more accountable government. But working with data in terms of reading, analysing, curating, producing, publishing and communicating it is not an easy process.We aim to create the tech infrastructure,curate a set of civic datasets in Lebanon, deliver world class training for students, bloggers, NGOs and journalists and share hard learned lessons

Welcome to the 2014 Microgrant Competition

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