Proposals in Other

Kenya: Campus for Transparency

Campus youth are also adversely affected by a lack of transparency but they have few avenues of talking about it, and the project aims to identify champions of transparency:give them a platform to add their voice through citizen journalism/media.“Campus” students will have an opportunity to increase their awareness on corruption risks, corrective actions and milestones/success stories and also influence others by collecting and sharing human interest stories of how corruption has affected the society and above all tell positive stories that will trigger social behaviour change.

Uganda: Raising Voices of Disabled Youth

This project is aimed at promoting the voices of disabled youth through online media. The project will train 20 youth between the age of 16-24 years on leadership skills and basic journalism skills. The youth will then take lead in writing their own stories to inspire, and advocate for their rights through social media. Their stories will be published on a blog that themselves will be in charge of updating. The stories will capture various issues at the community level that affects these disabled youth either directly or indirectly.

Ukraine: Citizen Media – New Possibilities for NGOs

The project is aimed the technological development of civil society and is an initiative that further the effectiveness and sustainability of the NGOs in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine by using Internet technology and citizen media. Such technologies make it possible to establish communication channels with the target audience, like-minded individuals, media and potential partners. Achieving the goals will be implemented through conducting a series of educational trainings for local NGOs underrepresented online to create their own websites using free constructors and groups in social networks

Bangladesh: Agricultural News Agency

Agricultural news still very partial part of any weekly, monthly or daily news paper. It is not attracting our end users including farmers because of it incomplete presentation. Incomplete presentation useless as news or information. On the other hand specialist in agricultural news reporting& efficiency is very poor in our region. The new technology to pick news, information & analysis has been introduced & thee distribution system also changed. Top users like newspaper, other print media, electronic media, researchers looking for rightly picked & distributed.

Macedonia: The Educational Platform

We would like to propose the implementation of a learning platform on which people would be able to record themselves teaching certain skills, like foreign languages, computer sciences, drawing, cooking, etc. Those videos would be preserved so that any other visitor coming on our website would have the possibility to review them, and hopefully, to show his/her gratitude by recording a video as well. We also organize seminars, in person, and we would like to make them easily accessible. Entire project would be attached to our website,

Bolivia: Voices and Experiencies From the Chiquitanos

To train young people from the Chiquitanos to be local reporters and share through radio and Blogs, their culture, traditions, and daily activities which relate also to the national situation. The project aims at answering the need for indigenous voices to be heard and the need to access communication mediums that are global in scope. We will hold work shops aimed at creating technical skills, and we will also promote communication strategies aimed at creating awareness for their specific identity and respect for their rights.

Malaysia: Art is Power Festival

Viva Circus presents ART IS POWER Festival which offers young emerging artists in Malaysia an opportunity to take new arts workshops & create. With the goal to inspire, transform and empower local artists in Malaysia with new skills performance and media arts. For urban and indigenous youth in Malaysia. As part of this two week ART IS POWER Festival is Empowering The Environment, a cutting edge environment awareness program integrating video mapping and, electronic media. Using new media Empowering The Environment will reach a new audience and spotlight social action

Paraguay: Data Journalist in Paraguay

Journalists trained on issues of privacy and data journalism. An intensive workshop two days (8 and 9 May) with international experts in journalism and data privacy. (marathon) 30 journalists, 12 programmers, and other disciplines will learn how to use Internet tools, how to create tools to collect data, how to mostras information to the general public. The hackathon is to develop a participatory tool of open data, a prototype data journalism in Paraguay, and a workshop on digital rights. (Internet security, surveillance)

USA: Tiyospaye’ Fresh Foods and Farmers Market

We are from Allen, South Dakota a small town of approx. 1200 people located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota. Our aim is to establish a community garden project in which we will empower our local tribal members to grow their own fresh produce and eventually establish a local farmers market in which other communities could be involved. We are hoping to establish a local farmers market for the reason being that fresh produce is very hard to obtain locally ,the nearest grocery store with fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables is approx. 18 miles away and prices are high.

Egypt: Yadaweya – Egypt Crafts Artisans Platform

Yadaweya is an online handicrafts marketplace serves as a platform for sharing stories about handicrafts artisans in upper Egypt and desert areas in Egypt with customers who value and appreciate the uniqueness of these ethnic traditional crafts. Yadaweya is an online fair trade marketplace that serves as a platform for those interested in discovering Egypt's crafts disadvantages communities and its cultural heritage. we aims to connect (offline) local Egyptian artisans with (online) customers worldwide through spread their stories and products.