Proposals Arts & Culture

Brazil: Griot – From Generation to Generation

The “Griot from generation to generation” project aims to articulate cultural and historical actions, for storytelling by generations, evening parties, culinary past and media samples reminiscent of this trajectory in Parelheiros. Creating a collection of stories that families Afro-indigenous and Japanese, German, consisting of a large portion of the residents, in order to show that these stories were just forgotten. The project aims to contribute to this culture isn’t lost in time. It is hoped the project, extend the knowledge of these cultures that still few know.

Peru: The Song of my Ancestors Online

We want to have a website in order to register and recall Andean music in the central region of my country, Peru, with the participation of the families and institutions of music. This will help our society to better understand one of the lines of our cultural identity as the basis of our development.

Vanuatu: Kalja Blong Mi

This project aims will train 20 youth representatives from different communities and cultural groups in Port Vila to use citizen media to research and document their unique cultures, customs and languages. Participants will create digital products of their choice (photo essay, video, audio recording etc.) that will be shared via an online blog to promote increased intercultural learning amongst urban youth.

Bolivia: SW Chaski (Incas Messenger) Keep Running

The project involves the recovery, restoration, classification and production of a digital archive of a part and some sections of the children's magazine “The Chaski” published in Bolivia between the 80s and 2000, for posterior publication in a Web Site who contribute development and integral education of Bolivian children in school age, creating a space for free expression and promotion of reading and writing through digital supports as a first step to stop the digital divide: proposing from the website an information and interaction place for children.

Bolivia: Building Macro-Worlds with Micro-Histories

The project aims to see registered and represented the view of the inhabitants of Villa Coronilla, an outlying neighborhood of Cochabamba, through the use of technology, creativity and forming modes, using a free network enabled to enhance the logic of sharing and creating together through active feedback with hackers, activists, artists, journalists and other citizens. Our work will be done from three areas: specific training about creativity, training in the use of equipment, and training in the use of networks to connect and dialogue.

Macedonia: Roma Culture Online

Nowadays, the internet started to become a multicultural storage place containing information of various nations, cultures, customs and identities. Living in the age of the internet, vulnerable groups such as Roma face the risk of losing their own cultural narrative, identity, customs and tradition, without participating in 2.0 web interaction or in other words to store digital information about their culture. Our aim is to build the capacity of young Roma to collect, store and upload their own cultural information using open source technology and challenge society.

Brazil: Unconscious Memories

This project has as its goal to provide for psychiatric patients in the public hospital psychiatric Centro Psiquiátrico do Rio de Janeiro (CPRJ) tools for photographing his everyday life, the activities at the hospital and the historic port city, where is located the CPRJ. The award-winning Brazilian photographer Walter Firmo will give a workshop for patients, including theoretical and practical classes. The project aims to empower patients, collaborate with the therapeutic work developed with the psychiatric patients and create a unique photographic memory about the region.

Brazil: This is Santa Marta

The ‘This is Santa Marta’ project consists in an audiovisual production workshop, to be held for the visual core of Ong Social Attitude, with ten young people in this poor community in Rio de Janeiro. As a practical exercise we will produce a web reality with the residents of the community. We use digital technology in capturing and editing images and beyond the display on a web channel, we will also views the program as the film club Ong community.

Kenya: Africa Stories Project

This is a project that aims to bring back to life oral narratives and folk tales as told to us by older generations by archiving and sharing them via an online platform for current and future generations to learn from. We shall carry out this project in three ways: we shall venture out to the communities to collect stories first hand, in their raw form as still told at the village setting by people still in touch and practising their culture. We also intend to crowdsource stories on our web platform from our readers and lastly we intend to write our articles that cover historical happenings.

Palestine: VACA Girl's Drama Theater Project

We are going to organize Palestinian Women Dance and Drama performance group and show its activities and play through social media. Women in Palestine suffer from a lot of difficulties including not only political problem but also social problem. Dancing and acting help women to reduce their pressure through expressing their emotion and feeling. Themes of their drama and dance will be related to women and we are going to exhibit its performance to women in our community. We expect they will become one of the role models of Palestine women in our community.