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Kenya: Tosha Chakula kwa Wote Voices (Food for All Voices)

  May 1, 2014

Sustainable Practical Program for Africa (SUPPA) has been organizing smallholder farmers into organized groups to synchronize their voices in advocating for policy change, food production, value addition and marketing of farm produce. This project proposes to train the rural farmers on how they can use the citizen media to engage the government in seeking agricultural services to boost their farming activities. This is an addition to empowering them with information on how they access information through the same media to expand and diversify their farming ventures.

Nepal: Local FMs for Farmers’ Wellbeing

  April 28, 2014

Nepal is a LDC and economy is basically sustained by Agriculture. Huge part of Nepalese population heavily engaged on traditional agricultural activities which even can't meet the subsistence need of farmers. This project tends to empower farmers of sindhuli (one of the poorest district of Nepal) by providing training and information related to sustainable and improved agricultural practices (especially organic vegetable farming). The selected best farmer of each month will be invited to local FM to tell their success stories which will be disseminated via project's official facebook as well

Bosnia Herzegovina: Blogging for Young Unemployed

  April 10, 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to research, has 50% unemployed. The most of them are youth people from 18 years to 30. I would like to train up to 30 youth unemployed. I would like to train them few important things: blogging, social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; how to utilize them in a way that is relevant to their lives and this country. This knowledge is usefull for labor market and for selfemploying. With this kind of knowledge and modern technical skills the young become more competitive on marketplace.

Nigeria: Shaken but Not Stirred!

  April 9, 2014

This project seeks to work with the Center for society reconditioning and development (CEFSORD), Ado-Ekiti in organizing a workshop on leadership, starting small scale business (entrepreneurship) the less privileged in the center. A COHORT of people attended to by the Center have been mapped out to be extremely in need of help in terms of INFORMATION and practical knowledge and connection about health, leadership and business. These people live on less that $1/per day and the Project will help them develop ideas around businesses that require little start up capital.

Kenya: e-Agriculture Community Domain Project

  April 8, 2014

A number of youths have failed to secure formal employment and hence resorted to small scale farming. However, they are yet to break through the market ceiling due to lack of information on various platforms available to market their produce. Therefore, this project will be a blessing in time to the young farmers. Being knowledgeable on the social channels they can exploit in increasing their agricultural productivity will reduce household poverty levels. Currently, rural poverty stands at 47 per cent.We will meet them in the villages.

Bangladesh: Agricultural News Agency

  April 8, 2014

Agricultural news still very partial part of any weekly, monthly or daily news paper. It is not attracting our end users including farmers because of it incomplete presentation. Incomplete presentation useless as news or information. On the other hand specialist in agricultural news reporting& efficiency is very poor in our region. The new technology to pick news, information & analysis has been introduced & thee distribution system also changed. Top users like newspaper, other print media, electronic media, researchers looking for rightly picked & distributed.

Uganda: Unleashing Nakawa Women's Entrepreneurial Potential Through ICT

  April 1, 2014

A group of marginalized, Peri-urban women will be trained in effective use of computer, internet and mobile phone technology to bridge information gaps/tap into economic and social benefits of ICTs. The citizenry will be positioned and mobilized to share business and life experiences via new communication channels. Activities include ICT training, personal testimony, storytelling skills building, running a computer laboratory. 60 women will benefit from training and will easily access computer service. Trained members will train peers and other community members to cascade project benefits.