· March, 2014

Proposals Citizen Journalism from March, 2014

Egypt: Sawt el Salam Youth Digital Journalism Training

  March 31, 2014

Bashkatib will deliver digital journalism training to Sawt el Salam, a group of youth from Dar El Salam, Cairo, who run a small community media outlet in their neighborhood. Bashkatib initiated Sawt el Salam as one in a network of youth-run media outlets in marginalized areas throughout Egypt. The youth design, edit and manage a print publication distributed monthly in their neighborhood, and contribute content to the online Bashkatib network. This project will develop the youth's skills in digital video, using social media platforms and the Internet for journalism, and basic management.

Uganda: Raising Voices for the Rural People

  March 29, 2014

Snow Rural Community Development is proposing to implement a project that will target the youth in Kasese district focusing on those that stay and live in the rural area by giving them skills and knowledge on how to capture stories, community needs, lessons and experiences of the rural people and share the information through the media by partnering with the local radio stations. The proposed project will support the rural unemployed youth to promote the right to communication and technology. After sharing the stories through the media it will be an opportunity for community development.

Cambodia: Empowering Cloghers Project

  March 28, 2014

The Empowering Cloghers Project will strengthen the online presence and influence of female university students from rural Cambodia by enabling them to become Cambodian bloghers (female bloggers) – known as “cloghers” – and to become active online. This 6 month Project will train participants in setting up and designing successful blogs, writing compelling posts and promoting blogs through social media. The Project will also run a writing competition for the most effective post and set-up a “Clogher Corner” to enable networking and skills-sharing with the existing clogher community.

Ecuador: Radio Online Amazonia del Ecuador

  March 28, 2014

The project will promote the diversity of content and representation of the Shuar and mestizo settlers settlers , reducing the isolation of these populations by improving the capacity of the community to use and disseminate information and cultural knowledge through a radio range world using new communication technologies. The objective of this project is the democratization of communication . In these times , with the development of the Information Technology and Communication (ICT ) and the Internet facilities , the opportunity to make the particular process for the right to information.

Kenya: Community Transparency Network

  March 28, 2014

CTN proposes to initiate a community communication hub in Vihiga county to enhance community members participation in decision making of matters affecting their lives and sharing their experience with the global world.The group will run a county weekly edition, a social media platform where members will be able to access vital information and also share. The group will also run a community journalism training center where coverage of public resource management from village level to county level.

Zimbabwe: Tsamba, Incwadi

  March 26, 2014

(Tsamba is Shona a word meaning letter or mail, and incwadi is a Ndebele word also meaning letter )The project involves developing a (website) blog with the name tsamba incwadi We will also train a group of young adults from marginalised communities in Zimbabwe who will use the blog as citizen journalists to write their (Tsamba/ Incwadi) blog telling the the world about their communities. The blog will have a twitter handle and Facebook page.

Uganda: Amplifying Voices of Former Cattle Rustlers

  March 26, 2014

This project aims to highlight the challenges that former cattle rustlers are facing following the forceful disarmament exercise that the Government of Uganda carried out in the remote Karamoja sub-region. Most of the youths locally known as ‘karacunas’ depended on cattle rustling as an economic activity but following the disarmament exercise the practice has been curtailed. However nothing is known about how they are now copying up with life having lost their part of livelihood ( cattle rustling). This project will equip them with skills to report issues that affect them in the social media

Zambia: Fundi (Hunter in English)

  March 26, 2014

The data Fundi projects aims to provide Web 2.0 training to presenters from four community radio stations based in Zambia's Southern Province. The purpose of the training is to create a provincial network of presenters who will build a blogtalk radio station online, where their programs will be aired. They will also be introduced to blogging. This will give a voice to residents in those communities, who are usually ignored. Apart from state owned ZNBC, the Zambian Law does not allow radio stations to broadcast nation wide. Using this online platform, that law can not prevent a wider audience.

Brazil: The Favela's Underworld

  March 26, 2014

Create a youtube channel and a facebook and twitter page, where local citizen media journalists will be posting the favela (slum) reality, related to violence, corruption, lack of government rules bringing locals minimum support for living like no sewer or water system, diseases, lack of birth control, drugs traffic and all issues related to human living in the favelas, which is a parallel world from the “asphalt” living.

Kenya: Youth Advocacy

  March 24, 2014

I would like to train and mentor up to 20 Kuria youths to be citizen journalists at NURU International center. They will be part and parcel of the Royal Media Group. The training will cover the use of free and widely available citizen media tools and social media like blogs,microblogs such as twitter,Video sites like YouTube, free software like Audacity, Social networking sites like Facebook. Focus of the project is to revive the dieing Kuria language and culture through digital storytelling,Songs,Dancing,Poems and Education. All these will be uploaded and/or downloaded and listened to.