Proposals Disabilities

Rwanda: Hope Voices from Disabled Youth

  April 15, 2014

In want to initiate project that intend to train disabled youth-students in the use of digital and media tools. The purpose is to create for them the access and usefulness in broadcasting and Media in general. In order to achieve this, we will teach them how to record and edit audio recordings. We will provide them with training and follow-up workshops in blogging and the use of social networks, so they will be able to share their productions with the outside environment.

Ecuador: I Live!!

  April 14, 2014

We want people with disabilities show their life, with their skills, abilities, challenges, efforts positively for others with disabilities believe in themselves and other people to change the way we think about people with disabilities and can see them as people who can take on challenges, difficulties, actions like any other person through a inclusive and accessible video posted on social networking which includes these life experiences and tries to form a digital network of support among people with disabilities who want to share their lives.

Nigeria: Sustainable Colony

  April 14, 2014

The Ago Ireti community in Ondo state remains the only functional leprasorium in southwest Nigeria but the inmates depend on the stipends they get from Ondo state government for survival. A visit by my organization discovered that the inmates are skilled in on trade or the other but with no or low patronage by the public for fear of being infected. This project aims at training the about 20 inmates on how to use social media to market their goods and services and to make them less dependent on government. They will learn how to use mobile for phones for blogging

Ukraine: E-Inclusion Against Digital Exclusion

  April 14, 2014

Persons with disabilities face difficulties traveling, going out and accessing to information. It becomes more visible nowadays, in the world dominated by digital information and new media which leads to digital exclusion. We want to raise awareness among youth with fewer opportunities, their parents, NGO workers about new technologies and tools which make access to digital world easier. By means of trainings, consultations, manuals we will show that everyone is equal in the Internet, spread the knowledge how to educate and communicate the disabled more effectively and efficiently.

Vietnam: HOPE (Hanoi Operation for Public Education) 2014 Vision

  April 14, 2014

HOPE ( Hanoi Operation for Public Education ) is a volunteer organization founded by a group of students from schools and universities in Hanoi along with a team of professionals graduated from Stanford (USA). With the theme “ Vision” and the focus on Phuc Tue Centre for disabled children in Hanoi, HOPE 2014 wants to contribute to the small happiness of children with developmental delay generally and autism particularly.

Kyrgyzstan: Education for All

  April 13, 2014

The project advocates for educational rights of youth with disabilities by the disabled youth themselves. In general, interests, rights and needs of youth and people with disabilities are advocated by disability organizations. Yet, there are very few self-advocates and youth with disabilities advocating for their own rights. By means of video-making, social media and blogging the youth with disabilities will raise awareness of the educational rights and existing barriers, and create empowerment stories to challenge community’s perception of people with disabilities.

Armenia: 5 “W”s about Women With Disabilities

  April 13, 2014

The aim of the project is to raise the public awareness on challenges of women with disabilities (WWD) and the need for inclusive services by capacity building of Women with disabilities on public journalism and blogging. We are going to involve young WWD from different communities of Armenia and to train them on topics related to citizen journalism and blogging. After they will become correspondents for the first Armenian blog for WWD and will speak up about their rights and needs to be included in community life.

India: Virtual Resource Pool for Disability Issues in Namakkal

  April 12, 2014

Society of Education Research for Village Improvement and Community Empowerment, a NGO based at Namakkal in Tamilnadu,India. We have been working for the various issues of disability in Namakkal & Karur districts in Tamilnadu,India with community & institution based approaches. We also run a special school for the mentally challenged children. We would like to bring in the participation of the medical experts, trainers, physiotherapists and other resource agencies to the rehabilitation of the disabled children in various forms and to create a virtual resource pool to address these issues.

Uganda: Amplifying the Voices of the Voiceless

  April 11, 2014

The objective of the project is to connect twenty PWDs in Wakiso district to the world through the use of social media (face book,twitter,blog and Youtube. Wakiso district is one of the 121 districts in Uganda, bordering Kampala, the Capital City. However in spite of being near the city, PWDs in the districts are not much different from their counterparts in upcountry districts in regard to low self esteem, limited participation in development activities, poverty, low levels of education, and lack of information for social-economic development.

Malawi: Pamodzi Media – Bringing Digital Media to the Disabled Community

  April 9, 2014

The project is designed to enhance unified access to health and social-economic information for the vulnerable people and increase their usage of digital media and take up leading role in influencing the policies and counter act on the social injustice that heavily affect people with disability. The project website will be developed and it will house online audio, video and article publications. weekly outreach events, will be encourage to sensitize on the use of our online media website. The project will teach and encourage use of digital media amongst the disabled people