Proposals Emergency Response & Prevention

Nigeria: Stand Up Voice Out!

  April 9, 2014

the proposed project will be showcasing stories of girls who have had and are having experiences with cases of teenage pregnancy, early motherhood and marriage, and sexually transmitted infections. the project is to serve as a platform where this experiences will be shared and discussed, with the objective of sensitizing the public against the ills and dangers of these issues that are rather not talked about for cultural and religious reasons.

Kenya: Braking The Barrier

  April 4, 2014

This project aims at giving youth living with HIV the opportunity to share their experience, life styles and how they think they might have acquired the infection and how they are dealing with the social changes in terms of relationships. This will give the readers and listeners opportunity to learn from experiences of others, reduce stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and offer healing from bitterness that those already infected may harbor against those they suspect might have infected them. The program will be an interactive social media and radio based targeting youth in rural areas of Nyanza