Proposals Freedom of Expression

Ghana: My Content My Voice

  May 1, 2014

Equipping the youth with tech skills that can be used to develop web and mobile content that addresses local, regional, and personal issues. At the end of the program, they will be able to connect other youth, government and exchange views. They will be able to publish and manage their our various social media platforms.

Nepal: Hamro Voice, Hamro Media

  April 28, 2014

According to a study by Babita Basnet, only about 14% of the media industry in Nepal is comprised of women. In a country of over 50% females, nearly half of the country is being unrepresented. Our project aims to empower the female youth to rebuild this representation. Hamro Voice, Hamro Media is a 9-week, program focused on empowering young women with the necessary critical thinking skills to consume targeted, modern media responsibly. Participants will create their own media messages—using computers, software, cameras, audio recorders and printers—to be shared globally from the Kathmandu.

Egypt: Conteen

  April 15, 2014

We are at the stage of preparing a private company production media aimed at this basis,The first projects will be the program conteen (connect+teen) Because the young teenager is tomorrow so The project is considered the voice of a teenager 1-goal of the program communication between teenagers and the rest of the members of the community , and especially their families by creating an area of dialogue 2-the aim of the program is to deepen the idea that age is not an obstacle 3-Attention creators of them and try to get funded for their ideas and inventions 4-assist resolving their problems

Madagascar: Blog Awards

  April 14, 2014

Madagascar is a country where Internet takes bigger and bigger place. Betwen 2007 and 2011, the number of internaut has quadriplued. People look after informations, jobs and several opportunities. Blogs can respond to these several needings however blogging word is quiet weel-known yet. There are bloggers whon leaved adventures because of a lack of motivation and recognition. That's why the idea of a “Madagascar Blog Awards” to contribute in the spreading of freedom of expression.

Bosnia Herzegovina: Inform and Transform

  April 14, 2014

The project is created as a powerful tool for the use of the media and social networks for the needs of the youth from the local community. To youth will be given a chance to go through the set of workshops and lectures about audio and video production, the knowledge of textual expression of the web journalists, the importance of the social networks in the information flow and the creating and the maintenance of the web platforms. The primary tool, which will be used at the end of this training, will be an online radio station blended in the web platform that has informative characteristics.

Uganda: Ug Perspective

  April 14, 2014

The project will provide a platform where people in the community will freely express their views on key issues affecting them among which include political and public infrastructure. Our project will be a link between the community and their leaders through blogging to enhance development in the area. I will work with volunteers from the community who will be trained on how to gather information which will be posted on the blog.  

South Africa: Social Media Communication Academy

  April 12, 2014

DeafNET is a world class network of knowledge and expertise in the interest of people who experience deafness and related communication barriers on the continent of Africa. We will train deaf people to tell their own story’s by means of utilizing there video function on their mobile phones or other video facility’s to their disposal. Techniques like subtitling & narration will be taught to empower them with video as a means of communication across the Deaf boundaries. Those who are deaf, who were not able to write, can now also communicate/express themselves with video.

India: Campaigning Awareness for Improving Lifestyle

  April 11, 2014

Objective- 1) Improving social condition of my community’s underprivileged children, who are underrepresented online, less than 16 age. 2) campaigning awareness to my local community 3) enhance computer literacy among elderly people. hope to achieve- 1) Improvement the social condition of those underprivileged children 2) Increasing awareness of my local community 3) Enhance computer literacy among aged people, so they can have fewer burdens. The procedures – Taking help local administration, local NGOs and local peoples, create an open platform for discussion.

Ukraine: Citizen Media – New Possibilities for NGOs

  April 8, 2014

The project is aimed the technological development of civil society and is an initiative that further the effectiveness and sustainability of the NGOs in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine by using Internet technology and citizen media. Such technologies make it possible to establish communication channels with the target audience, like-minded individuals, media and potential partners. Achieving the goals will be implemented through conducting a series of educational trainings for local NGOs underrepresented online to create their own websites using free constructors and groups in social networks

Moldova: Access of Young Citizens to Public Information, Promovation of Local NGO Thru Blogging Process

  April 8, 2014

Project Goal :Ensuring the promotion of local NGOs and youth in the community with blogs, which will establish relations of cooperation with NGOs in the country and abroad. Objectives: O1. After a year of the project representatives of 10 local NGOs will be able to compile and serve their own blog, which will establish relations of cooperation with NGOs in the country and abroad; O2.After a year of the project 100 young people from the community will have their own blog, which will establish relations of cooperation with young people in the country and abroad; O3.After a year of the proj