· March, 2014

Proposals Indigenous Communities from March, 2014

Cameroon: Indigenous Women Voices For Climate Change Adaptation

  March 24, 2014

The project will engage indigenous Mbororo women in Akeh Village in the North West Region of Cameroon to voice out the local challenges their community is experiencing due to the adverse effects of climate change using citizen outreach media. We hope to attract actions both locally and internationally to support their adaptation efforts. We intend to offer capacity building on the use of audio recorders, camcorders and other ICT tools for the women to develop their own stories. Their stories will be shared through the Community Radio and online to support their community advocacy efforts.

Uganda: Raising Voices of Communities in Albertine Graben

  March 24, 2014

My proposed project aims at raising the voices of local communities in Block 1 (Exploration Area 1) of Uganda’s oil-rich Albertine Graben. We would like to mentor at least three youth citizen journalists from each of the nine sub-counties that border the block. Block 1, operated by French oil giant, Total, has 75 percent of the 3.5 billion barrels of oil discovered in Uganda. We would like to mentor them on a) how to collect vital information on community issues, concerns and grievances, b) how to use mobile internet and use mobile phones to disseminate such information to the local media, c)

Bhutan: Giving 90 Youths an Opportunity for Employment through Multimedia Skill Development

  March 18, 2014

Youth Media Center will provide a platform for disadvantaged youths to discover their talents, develop their skills by training them in the field of multimedia and ultimately securing their life by creating opportunities for employment. Through our programs we will inject and instill the sense of professionalism in their work so that they find a place to market their talent. Helping the youth to become a responsible and productive citizen will be our continuous effort.

India: Promoting Self-Empowerment Rights of Indigenous Youths Using Social Media

  March 14, 2014

We will mobilise the indigenous people, off and online, promote our and rights under the UNDRIP, self-determination development with cultural identity. Use social media like to advocate and assert for our rights, promote & protect our culture, land & resources, manipulated/encroached by dominant cultures and the State – raising our voices to be heard. Organize public rally & online campaigns to implement the Right to Information Act. Make attractive banners/slogans to protest to the government demanding full access to information under the Act. Create platform for internet users.