Proposals Migration & Immigration

Kosovo: Integration of RAE Communities in Local Media

  May 7, 2014

The aim of this project is information and presentation of RAE Community activities in the media of Top Radio. The same project is intended to inform the wide public on the activities that the Municipal Assembly of Gjakova, majority and minority non-governmental organizations implements in different areas of life, as in the field of human rights, culture, education, health whth a focus on the RAE Community. Top Radio is a radio that includes the Dukagjini Valley through public information programs on current events in this region. Through this project, we will be employing 5 members of RAE

Iraq: The Story of Life, Stories from Refugees and Displaced Persons in Iraq

  April 14, 2014

We will train residents of the Darashakran and Kawergosk refugee camps outside Erbil, Iraq to use simple technology already in their hands to share stories of their lives as refugees and displaced persons with audiences in Iraq and abroad. Participants will be taught digital storytelling, democratic participation skills and publishing to a website. We will collaborate with Warvin Foundation for Women to train 25 participants over three days, set up mentors from the Iraqi Network for Social Media, and create partnerships within the camp for participants to train other camp residents.

Hungary: MigSzol Migrant Voices Project — Migráns Szolidaritás

  April 14, 2014

The project aims at empowering the refugees in Hungary through media and journalistic training, for them to have a voice in the main political and cultural debates affecting their and their communities’ futures. We will hold 3 trainings in 2 cities in Hungary: Budapest and Debrecen. After transferring the skills, our informal group, composed of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and Hungarians living in Hungary, will follow up on media creation. The platform for citizen journalism will be our new webpage, which will offer a complex content: personal stories, advocacy videos, initiatives.

Italy: Stories of Home

  April 14, 2014

Stories of Home is an audiovisual-media project which gives voice to the experiences of migration and belonging for migrant communities in the Italian city of Catania, Sicily. It will explore participants’ diverse cultures and places of origin, as well as their feelings towards their new home in this increasingly multicultural city. Participants will learn to use voice recording, digital photography and video-editing skills to make their own narrated photo-stories, which will then be showcased through an ongoing series of participant-led web-radioshows, as well as the Stories of Home blog.

Bulgaria: Syrian voices in Europe

  April 9, 2014

This project aims to present the daily lives and struggles of the Syrian refugee population in Bulgaria by creating an online blog in Bulgarian and English, which is to be filled with pictures and stories from the refugee camps. The purpose is to get the Bulgarian public acquainted with their problems. The idea is to provide up to 10 people with smartphones to create picture and video content, which is then to be edited and translated from Arabic to Bulgarian and English and disseminated through social networks and other online tools.

Netherlands: Unite Ukrainian community in the Netherlands

  April 8, 2014

This project aims to support Ukrainians in the Netherlands, to contribute to the formation of our diaspora through the maintenance of the existing online platform & the organization of the offline Ukrainian community centers. Our goals: 1) distribute trustful information about Ukraine, resist to anti-Ukrainian propaganda that appears on world media; 2) inform about events & activities related to Ukraine and the community in the NL; 3) provide coordination and support self-organization of various grassroots projects; 4) give community a voice – petitions; 5) share ideas/experience

Kyrgyzstan: Youth of the Borders

  March 14, 2014

The project will talk about young migrants’ lives, their experience aborad and their current situation in their homeland. At the same time the materials prepared by citizen journalists will also talk about the life of families who have migrant relative. The programs will depict both: positive and negative sides of migrant’s life. In order to carry out this activity 10 young people of the Karakol town will be trained the basics of online journalism and will prepare materials. Their materials will be posted on the specially created Facebook page and the group pages of Issykkul oblast.