Proposals Women's Rights

Pakistan: Awaz Program (Voices Program)

  April 12, 2014

JAAGO FOUNDATION is working on the basic rights of women and young girls in Pakistan. Firstly, through the customs, traditions and the tribal system here restrict women's rights is called. There are so many issues for girls in this situation. Badin, where we are working on the Lockheed-Martin.Nearly 80 percent of the people reached by radio. 77% has reached mobile and 46% net. We managed to both boys and girls of girls ‘ rights and information successes of their own radio, mobile and networking through to young girls. And let their legal education, consciousness and awareness.

Uganda: Campaign Against Violation of Women Rights

  April 9, 2014

CARA intends to implement a 1 year project titled “Campaign against violation of women rights”in Kayunga District.The proposed project hopes to achieve the following; Improvement in the reported cases of violation of women rights, Reduction in violation cases against women, increased community awareness on dangers on violation of rights of women, CARA proposes to achieve the above outcomes through implementing different activities.The project will sensitize women on their human and civil rights through community dialogue meetings working with law enforcers, one no one dissemination of messages

Egypt: Rural Women Online

  April 9, 2014

The project aim to support women and young people in Rural Areas in Egypt to take their rights and enhance the services that provide to them by the State an the local NGO's by giving them the chance to access Internet and use social Media tools in a permanent way by having a “Small Safe environment Internet Center” that provide them with skills and PC's and Internet Connection to Learn and understand how to use social media and Use it as a tool to enhance their life.

India: Taking ‘Apna Haq’ to the Community

  April 8, 2014

Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT) is a non-profit organisation that envisages a holistic leadership model for girls, by helping them own technology from a rights-based feminist perspective. The project proposed here aims at creating three digital stories by girls from an urban poor area in New Delhi. They will capture and document the opinions and perspective of three stakeholders, viz., community-elders, boys and the girls themselves, on a film they have already made on issue of lack of toilets (called Apna Haq) and trace the impact the film has had on each stakeholder for safer living.

Yemen: Challenge Early and Forced Marriage in the Hadramout

  April 8, 2014

Enhanced women socio-economic services, particularly to women from vulnerable groups. Limit and prevent and improving the record of violence and violation against women. Increased societal and political awareness of the problem of early and forced marriage of girls and women. Improved social and health service for women in Hadramout.

Indonesia: Noblind

  April 8, 2014

Women Groups at grass root have economic independence through garden & flower care service and agriculture project. But less of knowledge around technology media in order to spread the news about their activities or jobs, and sometimes also hampered by patriarchy culture which stated that this kind of activities only for men. Whereas women have a sense of beauty treatments in park service that will encourage economic income of families So it requires women journalists which can use audio visual technology correctly, distribute news to wider society in order to tell about women struggle

Bolivia: Indigenous Women Against Gender Violence

  April 7, 2014

Since the project will use new technologies to make a campaign, visualization and awareness against gender violence. Through the production of a documentary video arrive, Women and indigenous and non-indigenous men of the country and the world; in order to uproot a cultural pattern of legitimization of violence against women within and outside the communities achieving recognition of the existence and enforcement of human rights to which indigenous women against violence and in favor of the construction culture of peaceful coexistence promoted by the same Bolivian Constitutional text.

Palestine: Disadvantaged Population and Citizen Media

  April 7, 2014

It has been recognized that not all the needs within the Palestinian society were covered, with so much demand for specific services for Palestinians who face daily challenges, mentally, socially, psychologically and physically, Hand Without Limits Foundation ( HWL), sought to bring into surface this project, in which HWL will provide aid and guidance, and will provide the necessary training, workshops, educational sessions for Palestinian community mainly in rural areas in which they have lack of knowledge of citizen's media.

Lebanon: Women Political Empowement

  April 7, 2014

Association Nabad for development works to activate the role of women and enhance their skills.This project will aim to enable and empower a group of women on using social media in strategic way in order to raise their voice to demand their rights and start playing their leadership role in community development. Nabad will conduct three training for 25 women in central and north bekaa on Social media (Facebook ,Twitter and Digital storytelling) in order to create page on facebook,Hashtag and make a film about their case and spread it on social media (facebook and Twitter) .