· April, 2014

Proposals Youth Advocacy from April, 2014

Palestine: Youth 2 Youth

  April 14, 2014

The project is initiating training course about creative writing and photography. We will later collect a number of stories that youth share in their writing in order to produce a radio show based on it. The first stage of implementation will mainly focus on creative writing and how to enhance youth's ability in this particular field. The second phase will focus mainly on documenting their experience. The third phase is transforming it into a radio program.

Bangladesh: Fighting Drug Through Photography Campaign

  April 14, 2014

Due to unemployment, maximum number of youths of the bordering district Jessore of Bangladesh is very vulnerable to drug abuse and drug smuggling. Through this project, we shall provide training on Digital Photography & Social Networking (through existing network, e.g. Facebook) among those youth who has recovered from drug abuse & getting Lifeskill training, seeking job. This project will help these youth to be innovative & find out a job (as photographer or Digital marketing), enabling them to eradicate their extreme poverty and keep them away from vulnerability of drug abuse.

Brazil: Cidadão Conectado – Youth Voices Challenge

  April 14, 2014

Cidadão conectado is one of the projects of Politiquê, a group that aims to make politics interesting and accessible to everybody. We want to engage a new generation of citizens on the political debate, offering unbiased and nonpartisan information and training. To excite teenage students to rethink politics, we want to propose a citizen challenge: they will have to identify, comprehend and solve a problem within their own community. We want to show them the online tools for public participation and train them to use the internet as a new debate arena, where they can tell their own stories.

Bhutan: “E-ngage Youth”

  April 14, 2014

The Project will create an increased awareness on media literacy amongst the school going youth and high school dropouts, who reside at Changjiji Housing Complex by conducting a series of media literacy/engagement classes. A local media expert will conduct photojournalism, digital storytelling and video-blogging classes. Through this training we hope that the youth will not only gain an understanding of how media functions, but also get their voices heard and be a part of our democratic processes.

Uganda: Youth Bloggers for Development

  April 14, 2014

Youth Bloggers for Development is a community enhancement project 40 targeting youth leaders and activists by equipping them with skills and information on how take advantage of the internet for information sharing. The training session will focused on the “big five” top social networking channels: Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms will be explored including how they can use them to facilitate communication between audiences of all kinds. It’s hoped that youth leaders will be trained on the importance of information sharing through Blogging

Indonesia: Student Build the Nation

  April 14, 2014

With this project, we will improve the education level of all children who lived within the student’s boarding house. The method is simple, we invite all of university student who lived in Bandung to invest at least 1 hour per week to play and gather with the children around them. Then we used that occasion to do a lot of activities with them. Of course, our activity here would form the children's good character, increase their academic competence, and improve their familiarity in using internet.

Georgia: Blogging Positively – Networking Ethnic Minorities in Georgia

  April 13, 2014

The project aims to give voice to voiceless, in this case to youngsters of ethnic minority groups in Georgia. The one month project implies teaching online media tools to 9 high school students of different ethnicity and as a result creating one shared blog. The workshops will be at weekends. Each session will be about different multimedia tools so that in the end the blog includes video, audio and photo materials as well as texts. The length of the project lets us establish close ties between these students so that they will continue cooperation even after this particular project.

Madagascar: Malagasy Youth Voice (My Voice)

  April 13, 2014

Malagasy Youth Voice is a project aiming at giving an opportunity for the voice of Malagasy youth about the future they want to be heard beyond boarders. In Madagascar, young people are underestimated due to our culture and our top down where only the voice of the elders is meant to be heard and due to system that makes that decisions are made without consultation with young people. Time is up now to offer opportunity for them to make their voice. The activities encompass training of trainers about advocacy, media advocacy, use of social media for advocacy, about photography and voice image.

Azerbaijan: Open Resources for Open Society

  April 11, 2014

Our organization is going to launch a website on human rights and civic education targeting rural youth in order to empower and intensify their participation in community life and civil society building. The website will consist of forum for participants, information portal on youth-related issues and events for youth and participants’ blogs. Training of trainers (ToT) on ICT usage and work with the developed website will be organized for project coordinators from 20 regions of Azerbaijan, who will work directly with rural youth and support them in effective use of the website later on.

Argentina: Guía Egreso

  April 9, 2014

Guía Egreso intends to “Contribute to the strengthening of youth in transition from the system of protection towards autonomy so that they develop as active and productive citizens”. We hope to orient, train and assist virtually 50 young of the autonomous city and the province of Buenos Aires. The project will take place under the methodology between pairs. Face-to-face and virtual group follow-up activities will be carried out peer-to-peer.