Tomorrow: Ringing the bell for our first training.

Tomorrow; we will ring the bell for our first training to Bent El-Reef association's  trainees, our partner in women day by day project.

Accumulating the info of the last post, through this project  we are targeting to provide (3) training workshops for (10) girls from El- Dawadia village in  El- Minya Upper Egypt (3) hours away from Cairo.

Bent El-Reef association is not a completely new partner for our team, we have a long history with El- Dawadia's women and girls before they had an association !!, In 2000 NWF  had an opportunity to implement a project called “Creative women in Shadow”. The project aimed to spot the light on rural women's creativities in narrating, folkloric songs, poetry, drawing and hand crafts.

This was a such great chance for both of us., not only for achieving the propose of the project but also for providing  the opportunity for raising awareness and advocating for women rights and equality concepts including reproductive health rights especially female genital mutilation, violence against women, and women labor in informal sector, which had an a great impact on El-Dawadia's women, it helps them to raise questions, think loudly, and put their hands on their forms of  discrimination.

Later,They began to ask for organizing them selves, anther foundation (better life) continued what we begin, they provided capacity building training and good governance training for a destitution number of El-Dawadia's women, till those women had the power to establish their non- governmental organization named (Bent El- Reaf) and officially announce them self.

(Bent El-Reaf) association mainly purpose is  developing the states of rural women in El- Dawadia. They already got a chance and be funded for friendly environment  projects for women also they adapt a project on HIV in the village.

Actually these all encourage us to continue and accumulate our partnership. Now they are a partner with us in one of rising voices projects in Egypt, and tomorrow (10) of them will have the first training on new media and women empowerment as a kind of social change.

Training workshop (capacity building and Agenda)

First: training capacity building

Last weeks, we had connections with ( the future eve association )  in El- Minya to rant a computer lab content (5) sets with internet access and a data show.

also we bought a computer and digital camera and an internet flash as first technical capacity building for the Bent El- Reaf association from this project .

Second: training agenda

The first day: 23 September
session (1)
: brain storming for priorities.

focuses on priorities issues: a brain storm to select the priorities issues, what kind of rights is intensively demanded and in need to advocate with blogging  posts, photographing and videos.
45 minutes

Coffee break

Session(2): create accounts for emails and chose the fit theme among five from wordpress.
(1 hour)


Session (3): get to know blog's widgets
(1) hours

Second day: 24 September
Session (1)
: photographing with working groups
(1  hour)

Coffer break

Session (2): video shooting with working groups
(1 hour)

Third day: 25 September

Session (1): uploading posts with photos and videos
(1 hour)

Cafe break

Session (2): social networking twitter and facebook page.

*Training stationary is available.( booklet, flipchart, Markers).

Waite for a daily feed back on training workshop with photos and videos, and be ready by the end of these three days to…,

1)      join “Orzaqyat El- Said” blog.
2)      Like “Orzaqyat El-said” page on facebook.
3)      Follow “Orzaqyat El- Said” on twitter.

wishing a successful training workshop.


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