out puts of the first training

At the end of  last September 23:25 , An intensive training of three days had been conducted with our target group, the girls of Dawadia village in El-mina, about 10 trainees have got the training on blogging and photographing and video shoots.

At the beginning of the training, we conduct a brain storming session, listing the priorities topics to write on. Frankly, they mention tens of different issues they would like to express them selves about.


Beginning with bread availability till health care and the right to get faculty education !! this was very wide space to write, and with lot is of details. Actually, they were very willing to write and express them selves, we didn't want to control their motivation of writing, but we set up agreement with them, that let us write in panorama ways this month, write about what they want for October, and after that together we will choose a kind of right to dedicate writing on it, and explaining the forms of violating it ..

About 16 posts had been uploaded as a first harvest of this training, all are focuses on different issues in the village and all are addressing women equality and empowerment in rural areas. You can find a list of English posts on the blog. Focuses on diffract facts in the village.. work , health , marriage , housing and education, all of these posts were written and uploaded by girls them selves.

Also we create a list of sources on economic and social rights & the convention of eliminating all forms against women CEDAW, and number of reports on rural women in Arabic, soon we will create the same in English..

Also we create a list of links to networking the blog with other interested websites, anther list is about the upper Egypt in news.

Also we create 3 pages, about the project with all common links on rising voices website, the second page is about the participant foundations Bent El Reaf , rising voices and New women foundation, the third pages is the team work of the project including the girls in Dawadia village.


the training provided  a hall day for photographing, they practices  them selves by photographing each other, but next visit we will be in the village it self and we will intensive the field training to help them to take photos in the village by them selves.

Flicker account was created and two sets of photos are available, one of them the training photos and the other is the paint which the girls did in anther project.

Video shoots

A channel on you tube by the name of the project ” orzqyat El-Said ” was created, and a video was uploaded, it is an interview with Mrs. Zenat speaking about the first training and the expected out put of the project.We hope we will provide a subtitle version of it soon.

Social networking

The blog had a profile on twitter right now and soon will be on face book, I think that the familiarity of the girls with social networking will increase next training.


I can't deny that the right of health was the top issues that girls would like to write and photograph and take video shoots about.

So next month we will dedicate more posts on the health states for women with video shoots with women them selves and doctors in the health unit, hospital and pharmacy.

Also, we hope to provide a legal add from other NGOs to the village's women who in need to insure their housing and making interviews with lawyers and women.

Also, we hope to meet more stick holders in the village to focus on women rights and link the village with decision makers.


It is a long way we have to walk but we took the first step. Please visit our blog. I hope to enjoy it, and we will plan to second training during the next weeks as and frequent visits are on the way.

Till next post



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  1. Congratulations Nadja for informing about your blog in English. That way we can follow your thoughts and opinions.
    ( I am part of HiperBarrio – Colombia)

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