Group One Fellow up

After intensive training sessions that lasted for 3 days, the trainees were obliged to submit contributions about sexuality issues in Egypt .The trainees are free to choose whatever they like to tackle in the various issues of sexuality , how they want to contribute in whatever  module they want and for sure they were free to  keep their anonymity or not .

The follow up phase is coordinated by Fatma Emam and Ramy Raoof; we are offering the trainees technical and academic support.

We have received 4 posts from our trainees and looking forward to receive more in the upcoming weeks.

We are happy with what we have till now, because the outcome showed that the trainees were able to benefit from the training, that they managed to start 3 new blogs and they also managed to start questioning their own deeply rooted norms about the appropriate gender roles and other related issues

I do not want to be over optimistic, we still have more to do, however the beginnings are really promising

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