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Third Round of Workshops Planned

Posted by Nawara Belal

The third round will be set on the 15th, 16th and 17th of March (16th is the Egyptian Woman's Day). It will be a story telling workshop (our stories from the field, hekayatna men el midan) by both genders on the revolutionary women stories and those who couldn't participate and why. There will be documentation to the stories told, by Nazra team by our Vado camera.

The three days will be storytelling; Mozn (executive director) will start with an introduction about gender sensitivity and feminism pre and post the revolution. By the end of the workshop we will discuss the future of feminism post the revolution. The team will work on supporting the potentials of the participants in on line media and videography by giving them the material already prepared. The team will encourage the participants to create their own blogs and document their stories themselves. And give them a hint about www.thesexieststories.blogspot.com (anonymous blog for sexuality).