Case Studies of Citizen Media Outreach

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Since 2007, Rising Voices has provided support to approximately 30 citizen media outreach projects from around the world. The citizen media content created by the participants of these projects has been regularly featured on the Rising Voices website, as a way to provide greater amplification of these new voices. This is a large part of our mission: to help bring new voices from underrepresented communities into the global conversation.

Interest in our microgrant funding is at an all-time high, as the latest call for proposals resulted in more than 750 applications received from 90 countries. We know that in addition to these new projects proposed, there are many others that are currently doing great work with their local communities teaching them about the use of citizen media tools.

Rising Voices has added a case study series, where we will feature some of these projects that are engaging others how to tell their stories through the use of citizen media. The case study blog posts will feature:

  • A conversation with the project founder/coordinator
  • A conversation with a participant of the project
  • A round-up of some of the content created by the project participants
  • A first-person account from the project founder/coordinator about the challenges facing the project

These blog posts will hopefully help others that are currently implementing or would like to implement a citizen media outreach project to learn from others doing similar work.

If you have a suggestion for a citizen media outreach project that is teaching others how to use these digital tools, please send us an email via our contact page.

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