Photos of Latest Workshops in Murun, Khatgal and Ulaanbaatar

NomadGreen continues to extend its footprints to other towns in Mongolia. During June 23 to July 3, NomadGreen’s project organizer Axiou Lin, chief editor Otgoo, and advisor and devoted environmentalist Boum visited the Khovsgol aimag which is the north-est aimag in Mongolia.

The team visited the biggest lake in Mongolia-Lake Khovsgol, and met with local environmentalist and nature protectors. The natural environment of this aimag is also under severe pressure from mining business and desertification, just like most other aimags in Mongolia.

Murun and Khatgal are the two major administrative and business towns in the aimag. We were very excited to spread our message this far and enroll new citizen journalists with high ambition.

And on July 3rd. The team return to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, to have one special workshop for kids!

This special workshop was designed by Taiwanese University students and NomadGreen editors together. Enkhuush, the marvelous Mongolian student who studies in National Taiwan University, is the key to this successful event.

We taught these kids how to become small citizen journalists by drawing what they saw in their daily life. Education is considered as one of the most crucial issues along with environmental protection. NomadGreen wishes to combine those two issues and make kids the initiator of change in their families.

You can check more photos by following the links.

Workshop in Murun, Khovsgol Aimag(Province) on June 29.

Workshop in Khatgal, Khovsgol Aimag(Province) on June 30.

Workshop at NomadGreen’s new office/Internet classroom in Ulaanbaatar on July 3rd.

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  1. Eduardo Avila says:

    wow, new office and internet classroom for Nomad Green. Sounds wonderful.

    Are any of the kids’ drawings available online? It would be cool to scan or take a picture of to upload to the Nomad Green site.

    Great job, everyone.

  2. Portnoy Zheng says:

    It is really amazing to have an office where NomadGreens can use anytime. Thanks to our advisor Boum.

    I will ask if they have those drawings scanned.

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