NomadGreen Weekly Update: April 24, 2011

By Boum-Yalagch, Advisor of NomadGreen

Last week the NomadGreen team made some meetings and press conferences. We had one meeting in our office about article writing for competition, with participants of 12 pupils and 1 teacher from school for Eco Club, No.98.

In the meeting, we explained to them what is doing and the environmental responsibility of society and its citizens. We would continue to have more meetings with other school pupils and students next week.

Furthermore, I(Mr. Boum) met 25 students from National University of Humanity who are majoring in German language. For me, it was very interesting to talk to students and got closer what the young generation.

We are expecting to receive about 30 articles for competition next week, and we should have one week for proofreading and refining work, and than we will publish the articles on

Recently, many NGOs, especially environmental and human right NGOs-most of them coming from countryside-are now demonstrating in Sukhbaatar square in order to require the government and parliament to dissolve, and also the President to step down, if they do not fulfill the promises made during election campaigns.

We also made press conferences with some scientists who are against the nuclear power station project, which Mongolia government is going to implement in coming years.

Ms. Otgoo who has been our most dedicated editor in chief, gave the torch to the team, and is now the No.1 author of NomadGreen. She is now accompanying a lady from India in countryside as the translator and guide. This lady, who is working in Mongolia, has a movie making project for Gobi bear Mazaalai. She found NomadGreen online and ask us to assist her. We are happy to know that NomadGreen is bringing us friends from all over the world. We think this is also a way to make NomadGreen sustainable by itself.

Next week there will be more demonstrations in UB and some additional organisations and political parties will participate in. I will keep updating.

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  1. Eddie Avila says:

    Great to read the update, and that’s a big step forward in helping Nomad Green become more sustainable. Keep up the good work.

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