It All Begins…

On Thursday, October 16th we successfully held the first of our technical trainings with 13 participants ranging from 13 to 53 years of age.  In attendance were six members from the mental health community and seven students from Centrul Scolar.  We further explained the goals of our project, the meaning of a blog and how they can benefit by creating one.  Once we explained that they truly would have complete liberty of making their blog be about whatever they wanted, you could see the excitement of possibility light up in their eyes.  The array of computer experience is quite vast but definitely manageable.  As expected, a few of the students have a decent grasp of Internet use, while our oldest participant simply enjoyed one of her first few times on the computer.  Nevertheless, they all had the common goal of wanting to learn how to blog.


Unfortunately our Internet connection has not yet been completed so we were not able to hold the first session at our organization’s community room.  However, Centrul Scolar graciously allowed us to use their impressive facilities.  At the latest, we hope to be at our own place by week three of the training. 

Towards the end of the session, we had everyone get on the computer to play around and explore the unknown.  A handful of participants opted to practice their typing skills and I noticed one woman had written, “ma simt bine in fata calculatorului (I feel good in front of the computer).”  Overall, there was a good vibe through the room and an apparent interest amongst the trainees to start learning more next week.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this point, your assistance will forever be appreciated.

9 thoughts on “It All Begins…

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on getting everything off to a great start! I can’t wait to read everyone’s blog. I wish you all the best!!!!

  2. Ma bucur ca sant alaturi de acesti oameni si pot participa alaturi de ai la acest proiect care sper sa fie luat ca un exemplu si de alti oameni care pot ajuta asemene actiuni!

  3. I`m so glad you keep doing what it started some time ago. I wish i could be there and help you out with this, it seems like it went great! Congrats to everyone!
    P.S. Ati facut o treaba buna! :)))

  4. Preiserh – That would be great if you could create a translation linking back to our site! The more we can spread our project ideas the better!
    Thanks for your interest! -Fundatia Orizonturi

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