Stepping Slowly

Stepping Out of the Water

It's been a slow process but we have finally started our common blog Blogging The Dream. The final destination is yet to be determined but through the input of participants and other member of Horizons Foundation the blog is gradually taking shape. We are taking into consideration the following topic headings as our project originally proposed:

News: Mental health NGO projects and activities, important events within mental health community, articles published in the mass media misrepresenting groups at risk, models of good practice

Stories:Personal life stories/experiences, difficulties in keeping a job, attitudes within the community, hobbies, interests, artistic outlets, hopes, dreams

Information: Rights, legislation, NGO’s and networks, professional associations, state institutions in charge of at-risk group issues, publications of interest, advocacy efforts, Horizons Foundation updates and activities, community involvement opportunities

However, topics will not be limited to these. Any content that will promote the reality that people with mental health problems are complex individuals who also have hobbies, dreams and successful lives will be included. Ideally, mental health service users within Romania and abroad will be able to communicate, build relationships, establish dialog on advocacy issues and other relevant topics within their community. Furthermore, the blog content will promote a positive image of people with mental health problems and provide more comprehensible information about the mental health field. News and information provided through the blog will help the community to become informed, as well as aware of its value, power and influence to make change happen.

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions, so please share yours! In the meantime, you can check out the slow development of our common blog at

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